Victoria Doramus: Tracking Trends and Reaching Out

Victoria Doramus is a well-learned trend analyst and marketing professional. She completed her BA in Journalism at the University of Colorado in 2006, specializing in advertising and copywriting. Over the next four years she would become a familiar name in the blogging world for her work with Creative Arts Agency analyzing and predicting many trends in fashion, home, an lifestyle. Her trend predictions were even featured on The View and Good Morning America

By 2010, this uncanny ability to attract and influence so many followers helped launch Dormaus into larger-focus trend analysis at Trendera, a company that helps major organizations create advertising campaigns. In 2014 she switched gears once more and took some time away from the industry by becoming a personal assistant to film director Peter Berg. During this time she was still doing freelance trend-blogging as well as growing her personal network even larger though Berg’s connections. She continues to do freelance work, now outreaching to clients in the entertainment industry as well.

Recovery expert Victoria Doramus currently resides in London and is using her skills to help a number of charities for several causes she is passionate about. She donates her time to help organize fundraising efforts and create effective marketing tools for a variety of causes. Her work can be seen supporting and promoting:

-Best Friends Animal Society: Operators of the largest no-kill animal shelter in the United States.

-Room to Read: Providing children access to literacy in developing nations and other at risk areas

-Amy Winehouse Foundation: Preventing drug and alcohol abuse by providing education, support and musical therapy

-Women’s Prison Association: Focusing on keeping at risk women out of incarceration and researching rehabilitative programs to help at risk women

Victoria Doramus has the talent of influence and continues to grow and share that talent with others.

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Joel Friant: His success and His Original Habanero Shaker

It was in his Thai fast food restaurant (the first of its kind) that Joel Friant had his idea for the Original Habanero Shaker.

Before this Joel had worked in real estate. He was a salesman, and he was quickly learning the business and paving the road to success. He also remodeled homes and sold them for a profit, proving his business savvy.

Confident in his business abilities, Friant opened his restaurant in 1995, earning him the nickname “The Thai Guy.” The restaurant was well reviewed and the customers loved the spicy food. Joel wanted to find a way to put this spiciness inside his customer’s kitchen and he began to experiment with Habaneros. He perfected a method of drying and flaking the peppers, and soon the Original Habanero Shaker was on every major retail grocery store in the state of Washington. People were crazy for it.

Joel sought new business opportunities in a familiar place: real estate. He became a salesman once again and quickly climbed the ranks to become the top salesperson in his office. This prompted Joel to venture further into the real estate business. He had learned about mortgage rentals and opened an office that presented them at reasonable rates for real estate buyers.

In 2008 the financial crisis hit, and Joel was inspired to inspect the elements of success. HE analyzed the traits of successful and unsuccessful people and invented a new way to look at business and finance.

Joel used his investigation into success to help other people by holding seminars over the web and writing articles for business publications. He continues to share his wealth of knowledge and is currently studying how cryptocurrency can help people achieve success. He also continues to sell the Original Habanero Shaker, expanding into new markets with its classic and spicy flavor.

What Customers Of White Shark Media Have To Say About Them

White Shark Media a company that designs online marketing campaigns for companies. They target small and mid-sized companies who often lack the expertise and resources to create their own effective online campaigns. This company has been named as one of Google’s Adwords Premier SMB Partners. They have also been designated as a Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner as well.

Customers of White Shark Media have been very impressed with the results. One of these was the owner of a company in Florida that operates a dating website. The owner of the business, David, has said that his strategists at White Shark Media keep the lines of communication open between them and himself. They communicate how they’ve tweaked his marketing campaign and he is very satisfied with the results.

Martha owns an industrial treadmills company which is located in the state of Texas. She said that from the very beginning of the relationship between the two companies. She said that she didn’t have enough time to handle her company’s online marketing strategy so she started looking around for some other company to do so. She has worked with White Shark Media for a year now and said that she has no regrets. The cost of her online marketing effort has dropped while she has also gotten better results.

Another company with a review of this company is Taliah. She owns a Missouri alarm company. She says that White Shark Media has become one of her company’s strongest assets. Nobody on her team new about Google AdWords prior to working with this company. However, her strategist not only set everything up but also educated her and her team along the way. The result over the first six months, she says, is that her company’s online presence has tripled and her website is getting much more traffic than it had been before.