Importance of Handling Customer Complaints


Today’s digital platform has simplified the ways customers can send complaints to your company. According to customer service experts, disgruntled customers should not be underestimated because they can wreak havoc on your company using online tools like Twitter and Facebook. These social media and others are used by individuals to reach out to many people hence a customer’s complaint can upset many individuals using these sites. In some instances, a customer may not be right and this could be a challenge to engage in a heated debate since you will be trying to defend yourself, the business and employees.

The first step to make is to be quiet and listen to the complaints. Some customers tend to frustrate a product or service even before considering their positive aspect. Also, you should ask open-ended questions involving the client. This technique will aid you to get crucial information about the problem at hand. Instead of being defensive starting from the beginning, you need to fast listen, promise to give a feedback, thank the customer and then decide the steps to be taken. As such, a customer will feel appreciated and any emotion or frustration would be eliminated.

As a business representative, you should not yell at problems that might be caused by someone of something else. Avoid finger pointing or defending anyone but plan how to collaborate with customer and agree on a lasting solution. In recent days, clients prefer their issues to be treated personally and not just another complaint from a customer. In case there was a default on your part, avoid over compensating the customer because others may take advantage to demand inappropriate freebies. In fact, many customers’ priority is to resolve the problem.

White Shark Media has had a share of complaints from customers and for this reason they have undertaken some steps to minimize complaints and offer better services. Since late 2012, the company has developed new procedure for new customers. They are using newly formed AdWords account so as to start from scratch when establishing new campaigns. Also, the firm is tracking the performance of AdWords accounts for customers like conversation and call tracking.

The company ensures that clients and SEM Strategist have reviewed the previous month’s result and the monthly report. This is done using an online conference technique called GoToMeeting. White Shark Media has learnt from previous customers’ complaints and they have put in place mechanisms to prevent them from occurring again.