Residents of Delaware Now Have Access to the Stream Energy Plan

In its most recent expansion move, communications and life services provider Stream Energy officially announced its launch in Delaware. The state becomes the eighth region in which consumers have access to the Stream Energy line of products. As a new and popular option in the retail energy market, Stream Energy had previously started operations in the state of Illinois.

Stream Energy’s offerings to individuals in Delaware include an energy plan that will span the course of one year at a fixed rate. In addition, the up-and-coming provider offers a shorter plan, which is priced below the current rate by two percent. With the move, Stream Energy shows that it is serious about entering the market as a competitive alternative.

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 and is based out of the Dallas, TX region. The company offers retail energy services and other products through the method of direct selling, watch here for more details. At the present time, consumers can use Stream Energy for their energy needs in the states of Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Customers can also use their services in the region of Washington D.C.

Though energy services are currently available to limited states, Stream Energy is a provider of connected life products and services that can be used across the country. These include home security, protective services, and wireless communication. Over the course of its existence, Stream Energy has amassed over $8 billion in sales and continues to grow. Its success can be attributed to its unique direct selling approach to energy.

Another factor contributing to the way Stream Energy is flourishing is the decline of traditional sources for fuels. The company understands the market trends on a local level, as coal has taken a steep dip in the state of Texas. By offering clean energy solutions, Stream Energy is already emerging as a frontrunner for the new era of staying powered up.

Stream Energy is currently led by Larry Mondry, its President and CEO. The company also recently acquired the talent and leadership skills of businessman David Faranetta, who now serves as Vice President.

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