Jorge Moll, the Neuroscientist Sees Research Differently

Jorge Moll is a renowned neuroscientist with many crowns to his cap. He graduated with an MD from the Federal University of Sao Paulo. Dr. Moll also happens to be the Director of D’Or Institute of Research and Education; an organization he started. He also has a Ph.D. in the field of Experimental Pathophysiology.


What Drives Jorge Moll

Dr. Moll says he always had a desire to help patients get rid of their sicknesses and pain. It is for that reason that he set out on a journey to find practical solutions in the field of medicine using neuroscience approaches. Jorge Moll also heads the Cognitive and Behavioral Science Unit and the Neuroinformatics Workgroup; a leading Imaging, and Diagnostics laboratory.


Need For Research

In one of the interviews, Dr. Jorge Moll points out that he believes in finding solutions through research. He is a team player and loves interacting with students, researchers, entrepreneurs and other interested groups for the exchange of ideas that help to drive innovation in the field of medicine. Dr. Moll further faults the current state of affairs in the academia and industry, saying that they are inhibiting innovation (Jorgemoll) .


Advise to upcoming researchers and Scientists

Dr. Moll says he has faced many challenges in his endeavors. He notes that failure is part of the way to finding what you want as long as you explore and balance your weaknesses and strengths so that you take advantage of such knowledge and refine your strengths. He further observes that it is wrong for any young person to be selfish with their ideas. He quips: “Take your idea and run with it or move on to the next one, fast.” Such are the insights that Jorge Moll shares and seems to inspire more following. He further points out that one of the mistakes people make is to keep repeating things. He warns against it and says that one needs always to question the model they are using to arrive at their intended objectives. In his words, he says “don’t repeat things over, and over….you must question your model.”

Jorge Moll is also an ardent reader. He picks out Philip Dick’s book, The Exegesis as his inspiration and favorite.