A Closer look at the Brown Modeling Agency:

The Brown Agency is an full service Modeling agency that is based out of Austin Texas. The Brown Agency specializes in placing fashion models as well as those interested in pursuing an Theatrical and/ or acting career. The agency has been successful in launching the careers of well known models as well as actors. The Brown agency works with men, women, children as well as teenagers serious about a career in modeling.


The Brown Agency was successful in launching the careers of well known models such as Carter Wray, Colin Harpst, David Bates, Gavin Beasley, John Conroy and many more. The agency gave models the opportunity to prove themselves on the runway as well as other modeling opportunities. Many models begin their career by doing print ads and clothing ads for local department stores.


*Launching Careers for men, women & children:


Allison Keen and Amanda Wells are female models that have made a name for themselves within the fashion as well as the theatrical industry. The Brown Agency helped these ladies boost their career and find additional jobs within the industry. Doa Jafri started modeling at a young age. Jafri accepted several modeling jobs through the Brown Agency which ultimately led to a career in Theater and Commercials. A successful career within the modeling and entertainment industry many times depends upon luck and being in the right place at the right time.


Young models such as Allison Seibel and Ace Hart have found a great deal of success in modeling with the help of the Brown Agency. In addition, Ace Hart has had offers to appear in TV commercials as well as some major fashion magazines. A model or actor just starting out in the business must have adequate representation by a reputable agency in order to receive work with substantial pay.


The Brown Agency can be found on Crunchbase, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the agency has several fashion related blogs that can be found on Twitter. Photos of some of the agency’s top models can be found on Instagram. The Brown Agency updates their Instagram and Facebook page each week.




A career in modeling can be very exciting and financial rewarding for some. The first step is to submit an 8×10 color head shot with a resume of any modeling or acting experience. If an agency representative is interested you should hear from them within about 30 days. The web site does give instructions on how to go about submitting your credentials if interested in a modeling career. Please visit the web site at www.brownagency.co.