Perry Mandera: Dedicated, Selfless Leader

Perry Mandera has had major success in the trucking industry. In 1986, Perry Mandera started the Custom Companies Inc company which offered a complete transportation service for its customers. Mandera had a goal of being able to provide customers with top services that can cater to the customer’s needs. This has led Perry Mandera to build a strong reputation providing excellent services. Alongside his major accomplishments with his Company, Perry Mandera has also been a part of other major nonprofit organizations such as the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC). This organization involves interaction between the law enforcement and the public to better Chicago‚Äôs community. By providing useful tools such as no-cost seminars that include training seminars as well. This allows the community to be aware of major ongoing issues in the City of Chicago such as gang violence, juvenile delinquency, and much more ongoing issues. The commitment of the group has really helped in making a difference by providing stronger laws and a decrease in the crime rates. Supporting organizations such as the ISCC really shows Perry Mandera’s incredible leadership skills. A great leader is one that recognizes what is best for the community. This organization really shows how it wants to improve the quality of their citizen’s life by doing whatever they possibly can to help the community become aware of many ongoing issues they face on a day to day basis. Raising awareness is a big step in promoting and making a change. The ISCC has really shown that by raising awareness they have been able to make subtle changes that slowly but surely have made a positive impact on the community. Perry Mandera is known to be very active when it comes to working towards the community and philanthropies. Where he has been a part of major charities such as AIDS research and Special Olympics. Mandera’s passion for his business and community shows true compassion, selflessness, and dedication. Which comes to no surprise when taking into consideration all the success he has encountered thus far.