Michel Terpin: The Classic Case Of Longevity And Determination

The driver has to be equipped to handle the various track conditions and still drive faster than the rest. The co-driver should communicate the details on his map to the driver to alert him of what to expect ahead on the track. This combination of skills guarantees success during a rally.

It takes a good driver, a good car, and an excellent navigator to win a race. Michel Terpin is a great driver with a prolific racing career. Despite the numerous breakdowns during the races, he emerges among top drivers in any rally he participates in. This shows his ambition to become the best and how determined he is to succeed. What we can learn from his career is how we must maneuver through the challenges we face to achieve success.

Sometimes, drivers don’t get to finish the race. Their vehicles could break down in the middle of a race. This is a common phenomenon given the demanding terrain in which racecars compete. Despite Michael Terpin having made nine appearances in the Sertoes rally, the T-Rex toppled during the 22nd edition of the rally, but the Bull Sertoes team emerged in 7th place.

The 25th edition of the rally saw Michel make his 10th appearance at the rally. Their vehicle, however, broke down and they could not continue with the race. Despite this misfortune, Michel and his new co-driver, Justo, led in the T1 prototypes category after winning two out of 3 competitive stages. They emerged fourth in the prototypes category and clinched an impressive 10th place overall.

Other than the Sertoes rally, Michel and his team are active participants in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship and the Brazilian Mitsubishi cup. The team’s success is attributed to the superb vehicle engineering by MEM, which made the T-Rex more powerful and competitive.

Together with his team of sponsors, which includes Eventos, Xarla, Bull Sertoes, Michel received the Carbon Free seal of the Green Initiative. This means that the team has to plant trees in the Atlantic Forest to compensate for the carbon their vehicles emit during the rally.