JD.com Offers A New Technology


In the wake of the logistical constraints that limit the effectiveness of distance selling, many companies have quite naturally invested in selling products over the web as a new and profitable distribution channel.

Fortunately, JD.com has a new type of warehouse management technology that they have provided for use by other companies that sell products to users on the web. The new “JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution” is cloud-based, which means that it offers a significant number of benefits as compared to the traditional warehouse management software. Remember, once a customer is feeling confident after having placed the first order from a company, then this customer will be happy, and they will, therefore, feel more inclined to order again from this organization.

Moreover, many of the businesses that offer websites providing distance selling services have understood this fundamental axiom, and JD.com is also making it even more accessible than ever before for a company to use some of the best warehouse management technology available. Hence, it is essential that companies are aware of the following: You should not ever sacrifice the operational efficiency of an organization. Indeed, you’ll want to contemplate the fact that many different consumers are increasingly inclined to include as part of their overall considerations when making their purchasing decisions a few particular elements which happen to be specific to this sector. Read This Article to learn more.

Hence, a business owner will always want to do everything they can to make sure that their company has implemented all of the different features necessary to ensure that their customers will be comfortable ordering from their organization.

Fortunately, JD.com offers the use of their advanced warehouse management software that will enable all sorts of different companies to take advantage of JD.com’s top of the line technology to provide Chinese customers a safe and secure way to order their goods online and still get them delivered on time. Moreover, the customers in the Chinese market have shown that they are very comfortable with the idea of purchasing goods online, and this attitude applies even when the products obtained are for local delivery.

Remember, this new and state of the art technology offered by JD.com is a game changer that will help businesses in the Chinese marketplace to distinguish themselves from their rivals.


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JingDong Launches Urban Smart Logistics Institute Research Center To Create New Logistics Technologies

Jingdong Mall or simply JingDong, China’s leading E-Commerce and retail infrastructure service provider have recently announced that they are launching a new research center in Xiongan, China. This new research center, named the Urban Smart Logistics Institute has been tasked with developing new technologies that will improve automation and logistics methods in China’s smart cities.


JingDong announced the project on October 18, at 2018 Global Smart Supply Chain Summit in Beijing. Founding members and partners of the research center include Nankkai University, the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation at the National Development and Reform Commission, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Wuzi University, Shanghai Maritime University, Sinotrans & CSC and Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute. All of these partners will lend their ideas, minds and work ethic to develop new technologies.


The “Urban Smart Logistics Institute” will research new urban ideas and technologies such as urban logistics hubs, urban logistics systems, as well as big data and cloud computing platforms for logistics. Some of JingDong’s early research shows that freight vehicles are one of the largest producers of emissions in urban areas. Further research shows that due to their vast size, freight vehicles take up one third of all road capacity. The Urban Smart Logistics plans to design a more efficient, more space saving and environmentally cleaner way to deliver goods in urban areas. Read This Article for additional information.


One of these solutions is to replace large freight vehicles, with subterranean logistics. The research institute is currently researching subterranean tunnel networks that can be used to deliver freight in place of large trucks. These tunnel networks will reduce emissions, lessen above ground traffic and reduce clutter in the urban landscape.


JingDong is member of the Fortune 500 and is the owner of JD.com is China’s largest online retailer. They sell a wide variety of products from apparel to appliances to electronics to home furnishings and more. They will continue to research and develop advanced, sophisticated, and sustainable solutions for smart cities that will create a more efficient and better future.


More about Jingdong Mall on https://cn.nytimes.com/technology/20180619/google-china-jd-com/


White Shark Media Enables You Do What You Love Profitably

Three Danish entrepreneurs experienced in online and offline marketing joined forces in 2011 to form the White Shark Media. Their primary objective was to conquer the fast-emerging SME market in Latin America and the US through the delivery of unmatched world class products and services. International and domestic presence plus a pool of fully bilingual employees paved the way for the company’s success in the market.

White Shark Media, a top Digital Marketing Agency, offers online marketing solutions designed for small and medium enterprises. The company is the among the fastest growing agencies in North America and has its headquarters in Miami with branches in Central America and Europe.

White Shark Media offers unparalleled and affordable search marketing companies that are supported by excellent customer service. So far, the agency has enabled thousands of businesses to grow their reach and revenues through the online marketing campaigns and expert marketing tools. White Shark Media helped Valley City Metals Inc., a supplier of metals and other building materials generate leads and sales growing their clientele by over 400% in the first year.

The agency encourages clients to focus on the core of their business throughout the sales campaigns. White Shark Media then monitor their customers marketing efforts regularly to evaluate their success. The company uses competitive intelligence, keyword-reach call monitoring, propriety reporting software and integration of Google Analytics to check the marketing progress and ensure accountability. Each client receives quality tailored reporting on their campaigns from White Media Shark.

The team at White Shark is bilingual and can do multiple language marketing campaigns at lower operational costs for clients all over the globe. The employees are knowledgeable in display advertising, Bing Ads, AdWords searches, and Google analytics. The White Shark Media employees are trained by experts in various fields within the company to help you maximize on your online campaigns.

In 2014, White Shark was among the inaugural SMB Google AdWords partners in the United States. Before, in 2012, Google had assigned a team to the company to assess and support their growth and client needs. The SMB partnership recognizes the only the best agencies within the country. Microsoft also acknowledges the company’s efforts and selected it as one of the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller. Google AdWords has driven the company’s growth annually.

Currently, White Shark Media focuses its effort towards entrepreneurial excellence through providing innovative and cost-friendly marketing solutions. Their pursuit is to record double-digit growths year on year.


Find out more about White Shark media: http://geeksnews.co.uk/white-shark-media-presents-a-review-in-ppc-best-practices/