How Talkspace Is Changing The Way That People Can Get Help For Their Health Issues

The evolving technology has helped create innovative ways for people to interact with each other. However, research has shown that too much technology may be a bad thing, as an increasing number of teens have been showing signs of depression.

To help those in need, there have been a number of different online services invented, such as Talkspace. Talkspace allows people to get in contact with someone who can help them right from their phone. Talkspace has thousands of health professionals available through their app, and users have the option of choosing a traditional phone call, a text style chat or a Skype video chat.

Talkspace looks at the many beneficial aspects of online therapy, which gives users a chance to have on demand access to their doctor. Talkspace recently announced their partnership with Magellan Health. All of Magellan’s clients will have access to the on demand assistance that Talkspace provides.

The online experience differs from a traditional therapy session. It can be a challenge to read the nonverbal signals that a user may be sending. However, there is always the likelihood that by using Talkspace, you will immediately be able to get in contact with someone.

Talkspace Chief Executive Officer Oren Frank says that Talkspace has made some adjustments and improvements. Frank wanted to make therapy more affordable and easier for everyone.

Online therapy platforms are helping to make mental health care accessible for more people. Research has shown that online therapy can reduce the likelihood that someone is hospitalized. Talkspace is confident that the service will positively promote mental health issues and encourage people to seek help for whatever issues they may be facing. Talkspace provides around the clock help for those who need it, which should reduce the amount of medical emergencies.