End Citizens United Files Complaint Against Florida Candidate For Senate Rick Scott

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was established in 2015 as a result of frustration group members had felt since the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. The goal of the group is to see big money, along with its inherent abuses, be removed from the political process in America.

The organization, which is headquartered in Washington D.C., seeks to accomplish this goal by supporting candidates that possess similar ideals and ballot measures that directly address the topic. And as the senate campaign of Rick Scott learned the hard way recently, End Citizens United will provide direct resistance against candidates and campaigns that they feel are taking part in the abuse of the process.

ECU recently filed an official complaint with the Federal Election Committee that accuses Rick Scott of illegally benefitting from the efforts of a ‘super PAC’ that stands in support of his campaign for Senate.

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A super PAC is allowed to raise all the money that it can in support of one or multiple candidates but is not allowed to work directly with the campaign of a candidate. ECU maintains that Scott and the super PAC New Republican are in violation of this anti-coordination provision stemming from the fact that Scott was the chairman of New Republican before making it publicly known that he was seeking election to the Senate.

Adam Bozzi, who performs the duties of communications director for End Citizens United, expressed his belief that Scott’s political ambitions mean more to him than the law and that New Republican has been a vehicle used to circumvent the laws regarding campaign finance under the false pretense that money raised by New Republican would be used for the benefit of President Trump.

The campaign of Rick Scott has been adamant in its denials of the allegations and says that no policies have been violated in their quest for the Senate seat. End Citizens United has countered the denials with documentation that seems to suggest that Rick Scott has maintained a working relationship with the New Republican organization in recent months. One particular fact pointed out by ECU is that Rick Scott was listed as the chairman of the New Republic as recently as January.

See: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/12/05/democratic-pac-end-citizens-united-names-big-money-20-targets-2018/918680001/

List Of Big Money 20 Released By End Citizens United

According to those in the known at the Democratic PAC End Citizens United the Big Money 20 are the people in Congress who benefit the most from the controversial Supreme Court decision known as Citizen United. This list shows those current incumbent in their office and whom are up for re-election in 2018.

This is an important time for End Citizens United, which has made an ambitious goal of raising $35 million in 2018 to help with election campaigns coming up this fall. This is an increase of $10 million more than the $25 million spent in 2016.

The mission of End Citizens United, located in Washington, D.C., is to get Democrats into office and to take out Republicans who have put money and special interests ahead of their constituents. That list of GOP candidates is known as the Big Money 20 and includes big names such as Ted Cruz and Dean Heller. End Citizens United is dedicated to eliminating big money and special interests in American politics.

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End Citizens United is working hard to get the word out about the Big Money 20, but also looking for candidates they can endorse in local elections and help support through polling and other endeavors. For example, the organization recently out in the Nevada state senate race by conducting polls to help Democratic candidate Cortez Masto. The results showed that messaging about campaign finance reform greatly helped the cause of Masto, while more standard Democratic Party messaging did not.

Their website shows a number of local candidates that the PAC is supporting and who have shown their are champions of campaign finance reform. Candidates such as Elaine Luria in Virginia or Mallory Hagan in Alabama or Ben McAdams in Utah.

End Citizens United has been dedicated to campaign finance reforms for years. The President and Executive Director is Tiffany Muller and has helped raise money from average citizens and using grassroots methods. During the 2016, the PAC raised more than $25 million to help efforts in this cause.

The Endorsements Of End Citizens United

Before endorsing any Democrat candidate, End Citizens United confirms with them if they would back any constitutional amendment that will overturn it. Then it also confirms the campaign finance reform bills which they may have co-sponsored or even supported.

It needs to be noted here that most of those who have been endorsed by End Citizens United may not really be known as those who are championing for campaign finance reform. These would just be Democrats who are running in several districts. This is the way it used to be during the early endorsements of the group.

In this way, the endorsement process of End Citizens United is clear and transparent. They always interview their candidates before they grant them any endorsement.

They always like to step back, look at what they are doing, analyze, improve and then move forward. In addition, they have agreed to a few concessions in order to appease the reform community as there are many other PACs too.

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It is clear that End Citizens United is making use of a political strategy in order to get a Democratic majority elected in the Senate. This can be a strategy as viable as any other in order to get the Supreme Court to overturn Citizens United.

They are spending their money in an effective manner to reduce the influence that money has in politics. It appears that electing a Democratic Congress is a reasonable path for securing campaign finance reform. This becomes more relevant after the death of Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia. This means that the Senate has to approve someone as his replacement in the high court. This justice can decide the next campaign finance case.

End Citizens United PAC has already gone on the air in New Hampshire as well as Missouri with their ads that are asking Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) along with Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), to support voting on the Supreme Court nominee of President Barack Obama. Do note that both of them are up for re-election. Overall, End Citizens United spent $1.2 million on this advertising campaign. It has also endorsed these Democratic challengers in their Senate races.

It has also asked its email list to attend all those events which call for a prompt hearing as well as vote on Obama’s nominee for Supreme Court nominee through a message that was posted by them on 17 March.

End Citizens United has also worked on a highly successful ballot initiative of 2015 that has helped to enhance the Maine’s system that arranges the public financing for elections. This group has helped to recruit volunteers as well as raise $12,000. It has done similar work on another ballot initiative in Seattle.

Learn more about End Citizens United: http://endcitizensunited.org/?source=rtiads_gs_ecu_h

George Soros: A Man With A Goal To Help The World

George Soros is someone who is known all over the world as a person who cares about society and the betterment of individuals. His primary goal in live is to be able to create the world where everyone can coexist in harmony, and where political systems are always catering to justice. He is known to be one of the biggest charitable donors in the entire world and has contributed immensely to numerous different causes. He has changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world by providing them with the kind of aid that they truly need. Soros has been featured numerous times on Forbes’ lists making it as one of the top philanthropist in the world. Soros’ reason for helping the world doesn’t just lie in his fame and his influence, but his sheer will to want to help people and get them out of the tough situations that they are in.

Know more: https://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros

Soros knew that he would require a lot of resources to be able to make a difference to people’s lives all over the world. It was for this purpose that Soros saw the world of Wall Street fit for him to make his money in. He started his ventures on Wall Street straight out of college, where he began working as a hedge fund owner. With some extremely risky trades that paid off even better, George Soros soon managed to rake up a fortune for himself. He was soon on his way to achieving the goals that he set for himself, and was on his way to make a difference in the world and political systems. He has influenced the political systems in numerous countries including America, advising the general public on whom to vote for and bring to power. Read his profile at Forbes.

This inherent need to want to help people stems from his childhood and the kind of life that he led when he was growing up. Soros was born in Hungary to a Jewish family. At the time, the part of Hungary that he was living in was still under the control of Nazi Germany, which caused a lot of distress to Soros and his family. His family and the people living around him were subjected to extremely harsh realities and had to lead a highly fearful lifestyle. This continued until his family managed to escape Hungary and move to London where they set up their new life. It was this childhood experiences that made Soros want to do something to ensure that the wrong people never come into power again and so that people can live without fear in their lives. When in London, Soros signed up for the London School of Economics which was his first step towards his goal. Learn more about his profile at washingtontimes.com.

End Citizens United Stands For Reforms In Government, Strives To Give The Power Back To The People

Seven years ago, the Supreme Court of America ruled for Citizens United, a bill that severely changed the course of American politics. According to the ruling, large corporations were given the same status as the common people when it came to their rights concerning the elections and matters of governance. After the bill had been set into motion, numerous company owners started investing large sums of money into political parties. As a result of this, political parties began to work in favor of these companies, trying to establish regulations for the benefit of these donors. As a result, the emphasis of political parties shifted from the well-being of the people to catering to the rich and famous. The common people started facing a backlash owing to this and started feeling like their voices were not being heard.


End Citizens United was a movement began to give the power of governance back to the people, to help them once again be part of their democracy and the have a say in how they wish to be governed. The organization was started by a few entrepreneurs who wanted a change in their system of governance. With the enormous amounts of big business investing into political parties, a large number of multinational corporations are finding a way to pursue tax evasions, while the common people are still struggling with the burdens of taxations. End Citizens United aims to fight for the re-establishment of transparency in political systems and to ensure that the country is once again being governed by a lawful and learned group of people who are always working for the benefit of society.


End Citizens United is working towards putting a stop to all the corrupt practices that take place in the political systems of the country. The believe that by fighting for the re-election of candidates for various positions, transparency can once again be established in the American system of government. Money shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to having to sway a party’s decisions for the bills they want to pass when in power. End Citizens United believes that everyone in the country should have equal rights, and power should not be vested with those who have bigger bank accounts.


The organization affiliated with the Democratic Party and believes that the country can prosper and establish equality only when this party is in power. Since the Republican party is one of the many things standing in the way of this bill being overturned, a change in office is the only way the power of democracy will be given back to the people. The Democratic Party’s stances on numerous issues have resonated with what End Citizens United stands for, which is why the organization believes in siding with them and voting for them to be put into a position of power.


George Soros Stands Against Trump and co

George Soros and his millionaire and billionaire pals who were among the biggest donors to liberal election causes in the 2016 election are not letting the results of that election deter them in any way. In reaction the unprecedented Trump victory Soros and many other wealthy donors are meeting in Washington DC for a 3 day strategy meeting. This meeting is dedicated to finding ways to block the right wing Trump agenda at every turn.

The gathering took place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in downtown DC. Many luminaries in the Democratic party will be attending such as San Francisco House Representative Nancy Pelosi and candidate for House leadership Keith Ellison. The event is being officially put on by the Democracy Alliance Donor Club which is one of the premier Democratic lobbying organizations in DC by George Soros.

One of the major themes of the meeting is going to be why the Democratic Party lost so decisively during the 2016 election. The DA, or Democratic Alliance has been at the forefront of developing and implementing Democratic Party principles on Time.com through the government. Their main goal was to capture the large number of latinos and other minorities to create a massive coalition of progressive voters. Source: http://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros

Since that groundswell never occurred this meeting is dedicated to finding out why. One of the main issues being brought up is the fact that the so called firewall did not hold and working class white voters voted Trump in droves. This meeting on Biography is going to be one of the first steps to finding out how to recapture that portion of the electorate.

The nomination for the Democratic National Committee Chairperson is also going to be a major avenue of discussion. Representative Keith Ellison is set to replace outgoing chairman Debbie Wasserman Schulz. This would be a major change in policy for the Democratic Party since Ellison represents the Bernie Sanders wing of the party. He is also one of very few Muslim members of congress and would be the first Muslim national party chairmen. George Soros and other wealthy donors will have their work cut out for them at this meeting.