The Evolution of EOS through Reviews

When there is a call coming out of the lip balm industry, then you are sure that it is big news. Though EOS, Evolution of Smooth has been recently building their name but the new vegan flavored introduction to the market has made people go crazy says The customers of EOS will find this product appealing to them and those who have not had a good time with the lip balm in the recent years due to some ingredients. The product now appeals to a wider number of people around the world than before.

The iconic little round dispenser clearly identifies the EOS product but they have made news headlines by introducing vegan crystal flavors of lip balm. Though it resembles the initial one, you can see through the balm to your lip product. Due to the products organic nature, clarity and free of animal byproduct, long time customers need not be convinced to purchase the product.

Although EOS lip balm has been around for sometimes and enjoying big sales, beeswax is the only thing that kept it off from being vegan. But this year has seen the beeswax being replaced, it is the hope of the company that the clients will enjoy the product.

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When it came to existence, lip balm was seen as a unisex commodity but according to a detailed consumer research, it was later realized that the product was mainly consumed by women. Many of the customers liked the product but found it unhygienic to apply it with fingers, see this. So they invited a clay artist to model the different shapes so as to make the product imaginative as they could. Finally, they thought about the product that will associate all the five senses so as to create an emotional connection with the user.

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