The Many Flavors of EOS Lipbalm

EOS lip balm is no ordinary lip balm, EOS has started a trend that is growing at an extremely fast rate. Not only did they do away with regular tube shaped containers, and introduce the trendy round design, but they are also one of the only companies to boast a 100% organic line as well. The lip balm contains Vitamin E, Shea butter, as well as a special ingredient jojoba oil which can be credited for the immense smooth and refreshing feeling you get when using EOS. EOS brand certainly has something for everyone as they are constantly bringing out new flavors for you to enjoy.

One of the most popular flavors of EOS lip balm is the sweet mint flavor Not only do you get the smooth and refreshing taste of mint on your mouth but also the incredible minty scent will follow you around all day long! Another popular flavor is the vanilla bean, the vanilla bean flavor gives you a hint of Christmas but also a sweet, smooth after taste. Another favorite flavor that seems to be flying off the shelves, is strawberry sorbet, buy here! This fruity, yet incredibly smooth scent will make anyone want to start using EOS lip balm. It’s clear why EOS lip balm has been making such a statement in the retail industry for people looking for a smooth and great tasting lip moisturizer, refer also to Not only is this a brand you can trust, but also a brand that delivers high quality products every time!