Grace Farms Features Carrie Weems

For several years Sharon Prince has been making quite an impact in the business world. Prince is the President of Grace Farms Foundation. Grace Farms is a company that works to make an impact on the world through faith, art and community. Prince and her company are committed to work on a number of worthwhile causes.

As part of its commitment to art, Grace Farms has hosted some big names in the world of arts. Recently Sharon Prince hosted one of the most successful artist in the world Carrie Mae Weems. While at Grace Farms Weems gave a performance of her very successful musical Past Tense. In this musical Weems uses music, text and images to portray an incredible message about violence, race and inequality. Despite these themes of violence Weems believes in the power of change.

Carrie Weems is a great match for Grace Farms. Grace Farms has a history of supporting dark yet challenging initiatives. Both Weems and Grace are known for having hopeful aspirations. This outlook aligns with Grace Farms history of working in areas like human and wildlife trafficking. Sharon Prince herself had high praise for Weems and her work. She is convinced that Weems will add a new perspective to the overall mission of peace that Grace Farms is focused on. Go Here for related Information.

Sharon Prince and Grace Farms have spent years working to end major global issues like violence against women child exploitation and human trafficking. She serves on the Board of Next Generation Nepal, a charity focused on helping children. She is the founder of a clothing line called 66North. She also holds an MBA from the University of Tulsa.

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