Netpicks A Strong Base For Success In Investing

Starting online trading is not straightforward; however, with strong basics, it can become more comfortable over time. Netpicks offers a mini-course on Youtube to point you in the right direction. This beginner’s mini-course will guide before you start Forex trading and investing. Trading from home is a reality for some, but it requires understanding where to begin your approach. There are two basic approaches to trading, important source on


The Fundamental Side

The Fundamental approach of trading is looking at price changes from the cause and effect point of view. When you use the fundamental method, the perspective uses macroeconomics. What are the interest rates? Are there other factors in the economy that is causing the price to move? Fundamentalists look at employment rates and focus on the overall health of the economy.


The Technical Side

The Technical approach focuses on charts and price movements; then use historical price data to forecast change, check ( Some of the popular methods are trending lines, moving averages and relying on patterns prices make with change. Most new traders focus on a technical approach. Often technical trading systems will be a combination of successful methods. There are some basic rules to follow for the new trader.


General Rules

Psychology is an integral part of the process for new traders, but sound money management practices are the one critical fundamental rule. Once you have decided on a system for trading, test it. Forward and backward testing and micro testing are sound practices to solidify a system. The last and most important rule is not to “bet the house.” It is a good practice to not risk more than 1% to 3% of assets.

Netpicks has a wide range of courses that cover many topics. When you first start, pick an approach for your system. Test and develop the system you have chosen. Most importantly, keep down your risk when you first start out trading. Weather the ups and downs of the market, and you will find success, click

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