Best EOS Lip Balms for Summer

As summer heats up, many of us are dealing with the cracking and chapping of dried lips. Whether it be from the sun, the surf or the sand, our lips are rarely in their finest shape during summer months. Interesting article to read here.

EOS has revolutionized the lip balm industry. When the company launched years ago, the lip balm market was as miserable as, say, the packaged tuna market. Everything looked the same and it was all, well, rather industrial. Lip balms were seen as a necessity and not a luxury. Then, EOS entered. The company shook up the market place with their fun and brightly colored spheres that were soon seen being pulled out of purses by Hollywood’s top celebrities and featured exclusively in music videos and blogs of the trendiest of the trendy. Today, EOS has continued to grow and expand its line from just lip balms to body buddy and beyond. Click for more related news.

Lips feeling left out this summer season? Here are the top EOS lip balms to indulge your lips with luxurious moisture while drenching them in the wonderful scents that are so reminiscent of summer:


Passion Fruit

The passion fruit EOS lip balm in its calming purple sphere has been a subtle staple of summer for A listers and locals alike. The scent and taste are calming and quiet, yet filled with the inexplicable taste of a passion fruit. Have you ever tried a passion fruit? I have not, but if this scent and taste if any indicator, it is both subtle and sexy, and that is something I like! Buy your lip balm here on


Summer Fruit

In its bright pink and orange fusion of color, EOS’s summer fruit is perhaps the most recognizable of its colors and is perfect for summer. The sphere is filled with a mixture of rich and lush summer fruits. While I can not specifically name the fruits that contribute to this wonderful orb of taste and smell, it is synonymous with my summers.

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