Nathaniel Ru Makes His Presence Felt

Nathaniel is a leader in the fast food industry. People that are looking for a nice casual dining experience that gives them alternative food options will definitely embrace what Nathaniel has managed to bring to the table. He is all about serving up healthy food choices, and this alone is the thing that separates him from his peers in the fast-food industry.

Most entrepreneurs have been quick to imitate what everyone else is doing. If McDonald’s gets a dollar menu it will not be long before Burger King attempts to compete with a simular menu around the same price.

When exceutives at Hardees decided to do the $5 lunch bag it would not be long before Wendy’s made a decision to implement the four for four.

Nathaniel Ru has really gone out of his way to separate himself from the competition. He did not want to become someone that was going to do whatever one else did. Nathaniel took the time to give customers an alternative to the dollar menus that were already in place.

This was something that would give people a little to talk about. Consumers would be so surprised to get a chance to eat healthy for just a little more than what they would pay for a value meal from any of the popular fast food chains.

Nathaniel has definitely been able to captivate a large crowd of consumers that were just plain tired of the fast food industry. There are so many reports about how Americans are obese, and Nathaniel did not want to be someone that was only going to contribute more to the problem. To the contrary, Nathaniel Ru wanted to make sure that he put forth an effort to provide a solution to the problem.

Sweetgreen is one of the sweetest deals around for consumers that are actually looking for an opportunity to eat healthy. It is obvious that this company is going to grow because the social media buzz is spreading. People are hearing about this restaurant, and they are becoming quite excited about the concept of healthy food menu items.

Nathaniel Ru knows that he is providing a incredibly different environment for people that want to dine out, and this was his ultimate goal. This is something that he strived to do because he was deprived of healthy meal options when he was going to college. He wanted change this.