Those Cute Little Lip Balms Get An Update

We all know them and love them for their unique and trendy containers. EOS lip balms are not only tasty, moisturizing and wonderful but they come in the cutest little containers that make them stand out from their boring competition. EOS just recently came up with a really big upgrade for their products but don’t worry, you will still be able to pick them out on your local store shelves.

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The update from EOS that recently has been released and is currently being sold at major retailers and online stores all over, includes a see through container, read more. The updated pod is called the EOS Crystal and has a slightly different shape than other EOS flavors. You will still be able to enjoy the same high quality and natural ingredients that you know and love from EOS. Your lips will stay hydrated and smooth but now you’ll love to show off the really cute and unique container.

Evolution of Smooth not only made sure that their new product was attractive to the consumer eye but it is now vegan as well. Completely wax free, EOS is broadening their horizons by appealing to a new demographic. Many of EOS’ products are already organic or made from all natural ingredients that are completely safe for you and your family to use without having to worry about harmful chemicals or additives that are traditionally found in a number of beauty product lines. These new Crystals even come packed with five different essential oils in each flavor that will help sooth and keep your lips happy and healthy.

The new Evolution of Smooth crystals will hit store shelves during the month of August and will come in two different (and scrumptious) flavors: Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The price will be comparable to other EOS products, with each new crystal pod costing $4.99.

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