William Saito on Security and the Need to Be Vigilant

Data Security is an important aspect to modern life. Hackers can gain information that can lead to municipal or nationwide catastrophe. Unfortunately, an attitude has arisen that blames the victims for being hacked. Although it might be wise to rebuke someone for putting themselves into a bad situation, data hackers are extremely intelligent. Their ability to target and successfully infiltrate the best security in the country is shown to be possible.

William Saito writes that it is important for companies to be able to reveal attacks to develop a mindset that is against attackers and not victims. If someone walks alone down the street at night, one might be inclined to tell them that they are being unsafe. If they are in broad daylight and they get attacked, one would cast less blame on the victim. William Saito says that the culture must not blame the victim because it can lead to the victim to hide security breaches if they know they will get severely rebuked.

Some infrastructures are so complex, that the only way for a hacker to gain access to vital system data is to probe it just for a single weak point. William Saito recognizes the threat of hackers and fosters a notion that all victims or possible victims should be forthright and establish a no blame policy. This policy does not mean companies can be lenient on their security, but it means that companies should be working together to keep everyone’s data safe.

William Saito graduated from the University of California, Riverside. Early in his life, he had a passion for computers. His parents bought him his own desktop by taking a second mortgage out on their house. William disassembled it and reassembled it at an early age. He got his first computer internship in high school when he was paid to write complex code for a financial firm. He would write the code while the company’s employees would check his work by hand.

In college he started his own software company while pursing his degree in medicine. He remembers that he had the latest technology in his dorm room. During the time when printers were loud and slow, he was equipped with a smart laser printer. He began translating software into Japanese and was contacted by various businesses that spurred his college company into a success.

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