Duties and Responsibilities of Vincent Parascandola in AXA Advisors.

Vincent Parascandola is a well-known financial advisor who has been in the industry for over 25 years. He currently serves as the senior executive vice president of a leading multinational property management and commercial security firm, AXA Advisors. The company provides services that involve insurance, investment management, and analysis of financial needs, business plans, retirements, asset allocation and several other financial services worldwide. AXA Advisors has grown over the years, expanding its business operations across the international markets in Western Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Africa. The company’s success is a result of partnerships with key players in the insurance company including Swiss Insurance Company, Winterthur Group, and the American Insurance Company. AXA Advisors branched out from the AXA Group that provided financial security strategies and wealth management.

The financial Advisor attended Pace University, New York where he obtained a degree in computer science. After completing his university education, Vincent used his academic credentials that earned him a job opportunity at Prudential Insurance in 1987. His brilliant performance in the field of finance made him be the recipient of National Rookie of the Year award in 1990. Parascandola advanced further and joined MONY Life Insurance Company. He served the company in several positions before resigning in 2004. Check out Pocomuseum to know more.

He later joined AXA Awards as an assistant manager and also served as the president of the Parascandola Advantage Group. He was responsible for overseeing operations of AXA New York Metro Branch. Vincent Parascandola was later promoted to his current position, which bestowed him the duties and responsibilities of recruiting, retrenchment and training of employees. The financial advisor manages operations in the company that involves development, sales and productivity. Under the management of Vincent Parascandola, AXA Advisors can meet and exceed the demands of their clients through products and services that they offer. His leadership skills earned him an incredible reputation in the corporate world, which saw him win several awards like the Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development Award. Apart from being a renowned financial advisor, Vincent Parascandola is also among the most sought motivational speakers. He also takes part in charitable activities through philanthropies supported by AXA Advisors. You can visit his Facebook page to see more.

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Rocketship Education Makes Education Fun For Students

Rocketship Education started out in California in 2002 as a network of public charter schools located in lower-income areas where there is no excellent school available. It is a partnership between teachers, students, parents and the community at large with the purpose to provide a first-class education for students that will prepare them for life as adults.

The traditional classroom method has pretty well run its course as a viable method of really reaching all of the students, yet public schools continue to use it as a primary method of instruction. This model does little for the majority of students who fall behind and only really helps schools in student management and scheduling.

Rocketship Education uses a concept called “Blended Learning” that takes into account the fact that all students learn differently and at different speeds. The pace of learning can vary greatly and sometimes a person who learns at a different pace can have a better grasp of the information than another who seems to pick up everything at a rapid rate.

The traditional classroom setting is used, however sparingly to announce broader-based information such as organizational information and other more far-reaching items. Small groups of 4 or 5 students can then be formed to address specific lessons with teaching aids and a more structured learning experience.

Digitized learning is most useful for individual learning for the teaching and retention of facts, details and working through successive learning modules. The format is very similar to what most students are already familiar with in regard to games and puzzles they are already likely to have experienced.

One-on-One tutoring is used to evaluate a student’s progress and delve into any issues that might be giving the student some difficulty. It is also an opportunity for encouragement and positive feedback to build the student’s confidence.

When all of these steps are put together, the outcome is very positive, especially with the inclusion of parents in the equation who are usually very interested in becoming involved with the process. Parents are invaluable when homework assignments enter in and continued support is provided.

Announces New Investment Plans

NexBank Capital is considered to be one of the most successful financial services company in the United States. The institution is currently headquartered in Dallas, and it has branches in several parts of the country. The finance service company has won the hearts of billions of people in the country because of the quality of services they have been offering. The financial experts working at the private institution have all the qualities and expertise needed in the competitive industry. The professionals have been committed to offering the best services to consumers in several parts of the country.

Just recently, the Dallas based company announced some great news to its clients in many parts of the country. According to the management of the institution, NexBank had managed to complete a private placement that is worth fifty-four million dollars. This placement was on the company’s fixed-to-float rate, and it was only given to some of the institutional and high net worth clients. The privately held firm has announced that it will be using the proceeds of the placement for several general corporate activities. Although this might seem to be a simple task, the company has announced that it has successfully raised over two hundred and eighty-three million dollars.

The notes that were used in the placement are believed to be non-callable for a period of at least five years, and they will be expected to start maturing by 2027. All the notes in the financial transaction will have fixed interest rates for the five-year duration. After this dates, they will have a floating rate that will be based on the terms agreed by the international company. The company investors say that they are excited about the new move, and they are sure that they will make some great returns at the end of the day.

NexBank has been in the competitive market for a while now. The company has a great team of reliable professionals who work closely so that they can make an impact on lives of people from all over the world. The banks have also been involved in several charity causes in the society.

Brazilian Banking Basics from Igor Cornelsen

In Brazil, recent years have not been smooth for Brazilian banking industry. This can be attributed to hard economic times and many other factors according to Igor Cornelsen.

The investment and banking specialist knows for the banking sector to grow, knowledge of the market is very essential. Policies of Dilma Roussef affected the banking industry negatively and only two private banks; Banco Bradesco and Itau Unibanco made huge profits in 2014.

According to Cornelsen, private banks lend money to worthy clients, and this makes them feel secure in their operations. Therefore, people with undesirable credit history go to public banks for financial help, and they can even forego their investment plans due to lack of funds.

This affects the macroeconomy and the country’s overall development. As a result, Cornelsen believes that Brazilian government should develop market-oriented reforms to encourage bank investments.

Cornelsen came up with basics that are helpful to investors in considering stocks in Brazil. First, Brazil banking industry is mainly made up of ten major banks. As an economic giant in South America, Brazil has critical banks like Itau Unibanco, Banco Bradesco, Banco J Safra, Santander, Caixa Economica Federal and Citibank Brazil are the key players in Brazil banking industry.

Secondly, Cornelsen is confident that with the appointment of Joaquim levy to lead the finance ministry, banks will have something to smile about. Joaquim is highly learned, and he will help reform the banking sector with appropriate policies. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

Cornelsen explained that with the good trading relationship of Brazil with China over time Brazilian raw material would have better prices. This as a result of a massive Chinese economy which is also a competitor to Brazil’s industrial products.

Therefore, investors should pay attention to their trading partner; China as this will help focus on the market and give a better understanding of their investments to generate huge profits.

Due to Overvaluation of Brazil currency, Industrialized goods become less competitive in the export market. Therefore, the current administration should intervene and help in the devaluation of the currency slowly.

According to Igor Cornelsen, this will encourage industrial investments and industrial goods will be more competitive in the export market. With Cornelsen experience in the banking and investment sector, these basics are informative and essential to investors.

EOS Stepping up to The Challenge

Almost ten years ago, the aisles of almost all the major stores and drug stores stocked up boring-looking products in the lip balm category. The market lacked flair and pomp. Three individuals spotted this vacuum and opted to change it. Sanjiv Mehra, Johnathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky, teamed up for this cause. Without seeking the backing of investors they set out to work. They wanted a brand that was exceptionally unique in both product and package, one that would have consumers going back for more.



Their first launch was well received, see usmagazine.com. Celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus got spotted with the new wave that hit the market. Major stores like Walgreens, Target, and Walmart made deals to stock up the products. Beauty editors soon noticed the sensational new products and wrote exemplary reviews on it.


The New Splash of All Things Vegan

Having already set the precedent of releasing show-stopping products seven years ago, the EOS lip balm did not disappoint. Within a day of releasing the new range of vegan crystal flavored lip balms, that had the beauty industry buzzing, they had sold out on all of the products from their website says imabeautygeek.com. Thus could only be purchased from the local stores that stock the products. They are wild, flirty and colorful. The new collection maintained their signature shapes but with one distinct difference. It is a see-through range and completely animal byproduct free, as the beeswax is eliminated.



The products are of top quality at a good price. Smelling exceptional, feeling light in the palms, with a dazzling look, tasting sweeter than candy and have a clicking sound when the orb is being closed. They are smooth and feel light on the lips and last up to 3 hours. The lip balms also contain jojoba oil and vitamin E.

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Greg Aziz Changed The Century

A company that has a skilled, wise, and influential Chief Executive Officer that can see the trends of the future is almost guaranteed to succeed. National Steel Car is a company that was lucky to have such a great CEO in Gregory James Aziz.


Greg James Aziz is the CEO that brought National Steel Car into the new century, quite literally. It is because of his leadership that they just recently celebrated their 100th birthday doing business. Looking at this amazing achievement one has to ask, “What did Greg Aziz do that profited his business so much?” It was two separate things.


The first Greg Aziz that guaranteed that Nation Steel Car had a future was to begin promoting a vision of innovation throughout the company. Greg Aziz knew that the quickest way to kill a business is to rely on what worked in the past. Greg Aziz was aware that the landscape had changed, and his company had to change along with it if they wanted to survive.


Greg Aziz allowed Research and Development to begin speaking with current customers and prospective customers to understand both present and future needs. R&D was then to begin developing cutting-edge rail cars that would match these needs. During this research, three needs quickly became apparent; the customer needed railcars with lower emissions, greater storage, and the ability to travel further. Greg Aziz got R&D working on those needs immediately. Soon they produced railcars that met those criteria. These changes came at a pivotal time for rail companies. That is because both Canada and the United States had passed stricter emission laws. Whichever business could meet these requirements the quickest would win market share. Luckily for National Steel Car, Greg Aziz already developed those rail cars five years earlier. This advantage allowed National Steel Car to rise while everybody played catch up. View More Information Here.


The second thing Greg Aziz did was to enhance the company’s foundations. He spent time getting to know the customers on a personal basis. It got to the point that customers would do business with National Steel Car simply because they liked Greg Aziz. This would also be true for the business’ suppliers. Greg Aziz would spend an immense amount of time recognizing the accomplishments of his workers. This made them feel valued and appreciated. Lastly, Aziz mentored and trained his executives to one day take his place as CEO.

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The Relentless Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz, commonly known as Greg was born in London on 30th April 1949. He has managed to build an excellent reputation for himself following his vast array of achievements. These achievements lie against a backdrop of quality education that he acquired from the University of Western Ontario where he majored in Economics. Go Here To Learn More.


James Aziz kicked off his career in 1971 when he decided to use his skills to improve his own family company which specialized in the food industry. He oversaw the business grow to become a global importer and distributor of fresh foods to wholesalers in Eastern Canada and the United States. Leaving his family company in a stable condition, Gregory J Aziz moved to venture into the banking sector in the late 1980s. With the aid of his aggressive nature and his solid educational background, he was able to scan the environment and identified an opportunity.


In the year 1994, Gregory Aziz purchased National Steel Car Company which was based in Canada and whose original owner was Dofasco. He noticed that there were loops in the company and set out to turn the company around and transform into the leaders in Railroad Freight Car Manufacturing industry in North America. The zealous businessman decided to tap into the tremendous potential possessed by National Steel Car such as engineering capabilities and the existing human resources. He increased the human capital and maximized on team building to create a wholesome company.


Four years down the line, the results of these efforts were very forthcoming as the company experienced a drastic increase in the number of car purchases from the initial 3,500 to 12,000. This, in turn, saw James Aziz create more job opportunities as the employees’ number grew from 600 to 3,000. This was a great encouragement to Greg and pushed him to work even harder.


Gregory Aziz dedicated his time and energy to serve the company as its President and CEO. Together with his team, Mr. Aziz is committed to ensuring excellence prevails in the company. His efforts have not gone without notice across the globe. He has had the privilege of receiving the TTX SECO Award on behalf of the company since 1996 to date.


Gregory J Aziz also has a philanthropic side, where he gives back to the society by sponsoring local charity activities. Entirely a remarkable man he is, don’t you agree?

Review on the New EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm is one of the new trending commodities in the market. It is manufactured by a company known as Evolution of Smooth, EOS. The lip balm is supplied to malls and retail shops for the customers to buy. This lip balm is created from organic ingredients with no animal origin. The manufacturers also add organic hydrating compounds that help in preventing the lips from cracking.

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The packaging of the lip balm has been designed in a way that buyers can easily spot them among the many other brands in the market. EOS Lip balm comes in different flavors such as Vanilla Orchid, Hibiscus Peach, coconut, Shea butter, honeydew, grapefruit and many others. EOS lip balms also have jojoba oil and vitamin E as significant ingredients. It has also been tested by a dermatologist. This ensures that EOS lip balm doesn’t cause any allergies or skin diseases that may result in health risks to its users, view here.

EOS has recorded huge sales for these products. This includes the sales recorded by the retail stores that purchase these vegan crystal flavor lipsticks for resale. These retail stores are the famous Walmart, Walgreens etcetera. This unique brand of lip balm has gained so much popularity such that celebrities like the Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have them in their makeup bags. The packaging of this product is very appealing to the eye. Anyone who loves them wouldn’t miss spotting the pastel-colored orbs.

The company has been making huge profits on a daily basis and have even attracted media houses who invite them for interviews, refer to thedermreview.com. Having risen from zero to a hundred real quick, many editors for magazines have written articles about this vegan flavored lip balm.

The users of this vegan lip balm have given positive feedback to the company through their website and other social media platforms. Its use has enhanced the beauty and the smoothening of lips.

See more fun filled details here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


Bradesco President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is Shrewed, Determined and Highly Approachable

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the current president of Bradesco. He has been working at the Brazilian bank for 58 years now. After joining the bank aged 18 as a clerk, he has earned numerous promotions up the ranks, ultimately leading him to the top position in 2009. A few of his achievements, in particular, have stood out over the years.

Marketing Director at 34

In 1985, having spent only 15 years at the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco assumed the position of marketing director. His appointment came a critical time for the bank. The competition was heating up in the industry, spurred on by the growing influence of technology in banking. To stay ahead of its competition, the Bradesco brand needed more visibility. Consequently, Trabuco heavily invested his time in building bridges between the bank and members of the press. With more media attention coming the bank’s way, members of the public started developing trust in the bank. Till this day, the client trust cultivated in the eight years served as marketing director has not waned.

Impressing at Bradesco Seguros

A decade and two promotions after his stint as marketing director, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed the president of Bradesco Seguros. The insurance company was already the largest player in the market by the time he took over in 2003. That said, he did not see this as an opportunity to rest on his laurels and quickly set about growing the company further. His first year at the company was so impressive that he was even named the insurance personality of the year. However, even that award could not have prepared industry players for the extent to which Luiz Carlos Trabuco would improve the insurance company. By 2008, he had doubled the company’s value from R$32 billion to an estimated R$78 billion, making it the largest insurance company in Latin America. Additionally, the company ownership of the insurance policies grew to 25 percent of all policies in the market. Most importantly, the improved bottom-line under his tenure represented 35 percent of Bradesco’s earnings in 2008, compared to 26 percent the year before he took over.

Extended Tenure at Bradesco

After spending six highly successful years at Bradesco Seguros, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was in 2009 selected to become the president of the Bradesco Group. While his appointment coincided with a slowdown in the financial industry, he still managed to significantly grow the company – adding 211 new branches in by the end of 2009 alone. While organic growth does not have many associated risks, it is unfortunately very slow. Consequently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has throughout the entirety of tenure been on the lookout for good acquisition opportunities. One such opportunity came in 2015 when Bradesco acquired the then fourth largest private bank in the country, HSBC for an estimated five billion dollars. The acquisition was the biggest deal of the year and significantly improved the bank’s future prospects. Owing to his effectiveness as Bradesco president, the bank’s board in 2016 decided to extend his tenure for a further two years, meaning that he will now retire in 2018, aged 67.


For a man of his stature, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has a very disarming personality. Those around him know him to be a humorous man when the situation allows it. Understandably, this is an important quality for a man of his position as many of those who approach him are already intimidated by his titles and achievements. The humorous nature helps calm people’s nerves, thus allowing them to speak freely.https://banco.bradesco/html/prime/sobre/nossa-historia.shtm

Sawyer Howitt Iconic Entrepreneurial Success

The account of Sawyer Howitt is sufficient confirmation that the age isn’t a restricting element to what a man can accomplish in the business area. In spite of the fact that he is youthful, he has accomplished a great deal that a portion of the matured business visionaries has so far not possessed the capacity to accomplish. Sawyer Howitt emerges as a business visionary who has the capacity to understand the money related and operations requests of business.

Notwithstanding the capacity he has created in enhancing the operations in business, Howitt Sawyer is a man who acknowledges the association with buyers and the brand soul. One of the elements that ascribe to the accomplishment of Mr. Sawyer Howitt at such a youthful age is the ability to be up to any errand. In that capacity, he has been associated with notes taking in gatherings, nuanced introductions, and even complex spreadsheets. His prosperity is credited to the idea that there is no activity which is too little or too enormous for a man.

Sawyer Howitt is a moment semester senior understudy. His zones or determination in examines incorporate fund and business. Also, he has demonstrated enthusiasm for these fields while at temporary jobs. One of the components that have manufactured his notoriety for being a youthful pioneer is being a venture chief at Meriwether Group. He started exercises in this gathering in 2017. He has kept on demonstrating his flawless authority aptitudes through working with more tasks which go for changing the use of trade in future. Also, the activities go for investigating how organizations will change to adjust the innovative progressions. https://affiliatedork.com/better-your-business-skills-with-these-tips-from-entrepreneur-sawyer-howitt

Notwithstanding being an effective business person, Sawyer Howitt has been effectively associated with various magnanimous courses. Thusly, he is relied upon to be a standout amongst the most powerful representatives in the event that he proceeds with the pattern that he appears. His flawless execution in humanitarian courses is delineated by the predictable championing of the privileges of youths and ladies.

With the expectation of encouraging his insight in the business space, Sawyer Howitt is relied upon to go to the University of California. Be that as it may, the premiums of Sawyer Howitt are not gone for just adopting more about business enterprise but rather additionally meeting the objectives of Meriwether Group.