Jeunesse Global Makes Empowering Difference in Customers Lives and Communities Worldwide

With the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), Jeunesse provides customers with an abundance of exclusive quality products that allow them to get very specific with the desired goal for their lifestyle. Customers can choose between enhancing their skin with luminesce products, create a better nutritional program with Zen Bodi, or even just start with products that allow for improved sleep and enriched awakening each morning with AM/PM essentials.

Luminesce products are full of essential ingredients to help moisturize the skin and bring its natural vibrancy to the forefront. Zen Bodi comes with a fantastic program that fits the beginner or the experienced person for taking control of their diet and nutrition. AM/PM essentials allow a person to start and end their day with the best possible advantage to feel refreshed and restored.

These are just a few of the many products available within the Y.E.S. system that Jeunesse has put together to give customers a great opportunity to augment their lives in a way that is tailored to their personal expectations. With Jeunesse, one size absolutely does not fit all.

The detail that Jeunesse has put into the Y.E.S. system is absolutely extraordinary. Jeunesse products are thoroughly researched and supported by a team of physicians as well as many clinical trials prior to being made available to the retail market. This unprecedented and thorough detail shows the commitment and assurances that goes into making Jeunesse exclusive products available.

Founders, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray have gone to great lengths to live up to their promise of revolutionizing the online retail market with products that change people’s lives. In 2009, they chose to end retirement to fulfill a lifelong passion for not only helping people achieve their full desires for living their best but also to fulfill a dream to become known worldwide for making a difference by allowing people to triumph and thrive in life.

Jeunesse is based in Lake Mary, Florida and has distributors in 110 countries. The company also contributes all around the world with the Jeunesse Kids Foundation through philanthropy efforts to empower underprivileged communities.

How Berkshire Hathaway’s future looks according to the experts at Stansberry Research

There’s a wealth of information available about Warren Buffett and his successful conglomerate company Berkshire Hathaway. Known as the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet has been considered to be an absolute legend and astute businessman, consistently predicting opportunities in the market and growing his self-made company into one of the largest publicly traded firms on the planet.

This is why for many it came as a surprise when Stansberry Research did some additional digging and found uncomfortable truths about the company as well as where it might be headed. Porter Stansberry goes into great detail during his free article about the Berkshire Hathaway, but his analysis boils down to two key points.

First of all, Stansberry makes clear differentiation between the early strategies of Warren Buffet compared to the present Strategies employed by Berkshire Hathaway. Most notably, Buffet has consistently invested in only the highest quality publicly traded companies. Because these companies were already great there was little that Warren Buffett or Berkshire Hathaway had to do; so long as they have the capital they can expect to receive games from the company.

Berkshire Hathaway has since deviated from the strategy quite a bit. Rather than purchasing from companies that were considered to be inevitable so just Coca-Cola and Gilette, Berkshire Hathaway has branched out into new ventures. These ventures required large amounts of capital and management. In some cases these ventures were regulated to the point of being much more difficult to profit from.

His second point is just the large nature of the company. Warren Buffett himself admits it is much easier to make large games on a smaller portfolio. There is much less to manage in far fewer mistakes are made. Focusing only on what you’re best at your company and your Investments have the best chance to succeed. As Berkshire Hathaway grows it is forced to disregard this philosophy out of necessity, even though it served the company so well for so long (

As a whole, it is a breath of fresh air to see an analysis that is critical of Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway. It really goes to show that Stansberry Research is truly dedicated to a diverse set of opinions an open mind regarding investment.


Dr. Kamil Idris Contribution in Fighting Piracy and Counterfeiting

Dr. Kamil Idris is the former director of world intellectual property organization. He was born in Sudan and spent his early life in the country before moving abroad. Kamil Idris’s time at WIPO has seen him serve in various capacities including Director, Development cooperation and external relations bureau for Arab nations, senior programs officer for Development cooperation and foreign relations bureau for Africa and deputy director general.

Dr. Idris holds several degrees in various disciplines including International law and affairs, Philosophy, General Law and Political science from multiple universities across the world. Before joining, WIPO, Dr. Idris worked in several institutions including United Nations, International Union for the Protection of plant varieties and Sudanese Foreign Service among others.

Talking on emerging outsourcing destinations, Dr. Idris says intellectual property is an essential tool for development and that information and ideas generated are the critical drivers towards economic growth. He further states that how it is applied will be determined by factors such as national policies and political commitments among others.

On the pitfalls that affect intellectual property as a result of globalization, Dr. Kamil says that WIPO through its Phonograms treaty and Copyright treaty is doing a lot to ensure that the copyright framework is merged with the digital trends. He further states that piracy and counterfeiting that have been brought about by globalization have significantly affected patent application procedures. He believes that the bottlenecks surrounding patent applications can be overcome by creating a common ground that brings the international community together.

Those companies involved in technology transfer, he says should be cautious when it comes to managing and protecting their IP assets. He further adds that companies should build trust and do their businesses activities with transparency and honesty to avoid disputes. Technology transfer is one of the primary objectives of why the patent system is in place.

When it comes to enforcing a uniform patent system across the globe, Dr. Kamil says the trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights that were formed offers provisions for IP enforcement in a multilateral approach but leaves that room for countries to implement them as they deem fit.

Waiakea, Just Short of Miracle Water

480 billion plastic bottles are purchased every day across the globe, and less than half are recycled. Common plastic bottles take a thousand years to biodegrade, leaving them in the ocean and landfills for centuries. The production of these plastic bottles also creates pollution on a large scale.

An article from Affiliate Dork, “The Truth Behind Waiakea Water,” examines the mentioned brand that sells Hawaii volcanic water filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock in the Mauna Loa volcano. The water, as a result, is naturally alkaline, enriched with minerals and electrolytes, and sustainably sourced from the Kea’au aquifer.

Waiakea water bottles are comprised of 100% recycled polyethylene terephtalate, which use 90% less water and 85% less energy to manufacture when compared to regular plastic bottles, and reduce carbon emissions by over 90%. Beginning in 2018, Waiakea water will introduce the world’s first fully degradable water bottles, which biodegrade in fifteen years versus a regular water bottle’s average of a thousand.

Waiakea water was certified Carbon Neutral in 2012 for their efforts to cut back on C02 emissions, the first bottled water company to be awarded the title. A company can only be certified Carbon Neutral if their C02 emissions are net zero. Additionally, Waiakea gives back approximately 3% of its revenue to local nonprofits and programs.

The Waiakea water pH averages 8.8, and it is achieved naturally through the filtration process, giving all the health benefits of alkaline water with no chemical alteration. Volcanic water benefits include the daily suggested silica amount, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium, plus electrolytes, that all improve bodily functions and encourage healthier skin, hair, and nails.

For every liter of Waiakea volcanic water that is purchased, Waiakea donates 650 liters of clean water through to locations where clean drinking water is a commodity, such as Africa.

Waiakea volcanic water is naturally alkaline, full of minerals, ethically sourced and bottled, and it gives back to the community and environment. The company has a commitment to being environmentally and locally responsible.

Nick Vertucci: Secrets of Real Estate Flipping

Nick Vertucci is one of the most successful real estate flippers in the history of the United States. He managed to acquire the knowledge about real estate flipping from a friend who introduced him to the concept. According to Nick Vertucci, when he was younger, his father died, and his mother had to work hard to provide the family’s daily needs. He had to move out of the house when he was 18, and he had to look for ways on how to earn money. He invested in assembling computer parts, and he earned a decent amount of money from his business. He soon had his own family, but everything changed when an economic crisis took place in the 2000s. His business failed, and he ended up bankrupt.

The friend of Nick Vertucci told him one day that a real estate flipper is in town, and he was invited to join one of the seminars. He learned a lot from the speaker and tried real estate flipping on his own. Real estate flipping involves the purchase of cheap property and selling it to the market at a higher price. Real estate flippers must know the real estate market, and they would need to work with professionals who would help them find a buyer. Once the house has been renovated, it can be advertised for sale. Newlyweds and families who had to move in immediately are the main customers of real estate flippers.

Nick Vertucci managed to acquire more wealth from real estate flipping, and currently, he has been visiting major cities across the continent sharing the secrets of real estate flipping. He is hoping that more people will follow suit, and he promised them that they could be wealthy in the shortest period through the method. Because of his success story, many have followed him and tried to do what he did before.

Glen Wakeman Helps Early State Entrepreneurs Find The Success They Deserve

Glen Wakeman is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC., and he has more than two decades of experience in managing successful businesses. He studied at the University of Scranton where he received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Finance and Economics, and he earned an MBA while attending the University of Chicago. He worked with GE Capital for more than 20 years in leadership positions where he helped to improve the operations of the company, worked for its business development, and served in the capacity as a general manager. He has worked in markets in the United States as well as International markets and near the end of his time with GE he serves as its CEO of GE Money Latin America. There, he put together a startup that eventually made over $2 billion.

At LaunchPad Holdings LLC., Glen Wakeman works with early-stage entrepreneurs to improve upon their success by offering them a software platform that helps to plan their business better (Thenewsversion). He also provides mentoring services that have helped many early stage businesses to better formulate a plan of action for their ideas. Wakeman is also a talented writer who expresses his thoughts and teachings through blogging. On his blog, he covers a range of topics from emerging markets, how to transform business, doing business on an international level, leadership, and information about raising capital and angel financing.

Glen Wakeman has spoke about the fact that he uses a spread of applications that help him to be more productive. Every application he uses helps him to save money or time, and one of his favorite kinds of apps are chat apps, because they help him to serve his customers better while maintaining a professional demeanor. He also has found Doodle to be wonderful for helping him to keep a calendar, manage his time, and put together meetings. He has commented that the app is inexpensive and that this helps to cut down on administrative costs. He also uses Fiverr, which he accesses to find talent from all over the globe that is, both, affordable and extremely helpful.


Ted Bauman Explains How To Protect Your Private Information

Ted Bauman is one of the editors at Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined this firm in 2013 and now has three financial newsletters he edits. While these three publications require paid subscriptions to read he also publishes free articles regularly. His focuses are on low-risk investing opportunities. He also writes extensively about privacy issues and how to keep your information away from the government and big business to the greatest extent that you can nowadays.

He was born in Washington D.C. and raised in the state of Maryland. After completing high school he moved to South Africa. Ted Bauman graduated from the University of Cape Town with two bachelor’s degrees. These were in economics and history. In 1993 he earned another bachelor’s degree in business administration at the State University of New York. He was also a student at Georgia State University where he earned his MBA in finance in 2001. Visit Ted Bauman on Facebook for more updates

Ted Bauman has written that many entities want your personal information. Many government departments want this information such as the National Security Agency and the FBI. They routinely violate the privacy rights of Americans and people around the world. He wrote, for example, that when you make the border crossing between the United States and Mexico the ICE agents there can make a copy of every file on any electronic devices you have on you. This holds true whenever you’re crossing from one country into another.

Many private companies also collect extensive amounts of data on those who do business with them, Ted Bauman says. Many also don’t have the best security in the world so they are hacked with common frequency. He says your personal information is just as, if not more, valuable as the physical assets you own. For these reasons he made a list of free tools that people can use to keep their private information protected.

Among these tools are ones that do file encryption. He has also outlined how to create a truly strong password. He shows people how to use these tools on both Windows and Apple devices as well as Android. Learn more:


How Brian Torchin Is Improving the Quality of Healthcare in the US and beyond

Brian Torchin’s passion for the medical industry is what led him to start HCRC staffing, which is currently one of the leading medical staffing agencies in the US. Staffing in the medical industry is a sensitive matter since it involves the preservation of human life. Brian is a qualified chiropractor, and he had been practicing for some time so he was able to see firsthand all the staffing challenges that hospitals and other institutions in the medical industry were facing. There was no recruitment agency that exclusively served the medical industry and that meant that the staffing agencies that existed did not understand the staffing needs of the medical industry. Brian saw this gap in the industry and decided to fill it by starting HCRC.

HCRC has been of great help to both healthcare institutions and professionals. One major problem that professionals were facing was lack of good compensation for their demanding jobs. This is still a big problem in the industry but Brian is committed to helping qualified professionals get good jobs that are fulfilling and financially rewarding. As a result, the quality of patient care in the institutions that use HCRC’s services has improved tremendously. Read more at about Brian Torchin

HCRC serves about 200 institutions in the US, Australia, Canada, Asia and Europe, and it is still growing and improving its solutions under the excellent leadership of Brian Torchin. Brian’s secret to success is putting his clients first. He strives to form good relationships with his clients and provides them with solutions that are tailored to their unique needs. He also encourages team work in his company and does a lot of research on compensation trends in the medical industry so that he is always up to date with all the changes. Besides leading HCRC, Brian also publishes very informative blog posts on the company’s blog to help firms in the medical industry with various issues to do with staffing. He is an alumnus of the University of Delaware.


HCRC is perhaps Brian Torchin’s biggest accomplishment in his career in the medical industry. He is committed to improving the medical industry through the staffing solutions provided by HCRC. Brian has truly revolutionized staffing in the medical industry in the US and beyond.

View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

Geology Expert Turned Investment Advice Guru Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali began writing a financial newsletter in 2017 that was published by Banyan Hill Publishing. He never even considered becoming a financial guru and prior to becoming a well followed author Matt had a vastly different career. Mr. Badiali attended Penn State University and earned his B.S in Geological and Earth Science/Geosciences. After Penn State Matt enrolled at Florida Atlantic University and earned his Masters in Geology/Earth Science. With a desire to further his education Matt acquired his Ph.D. at the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill in Sedimentary Geology. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase.

Matt Badiali was contacted by a financial specialist who needed a well-educated geologist on his team. Matt was to travel to various companies and assess their core samples of their mines. It was Matt’s job to make sure what these companies were stating on paper was actually true in person. Some of the tasks that Mr. Badiali completed included testing core samples from gold mines, examining oil wells as they were in full operation and analyzing geographical maps.

After years of travel and analyzing mines and wells worldwide Matt Badiali began publishing his financial newsletter. Matt’s advice column would focus on mineral and oil investments. His writing style is fluid and easy to understand which is why he has such a large following. Matt believes that an individual needs both scientific and financial expertise to fully understand investments in the mineral, oil, agricultural commodities and construction materials industry. Matt feels as though he can better connect with the readers of his articles because he has first-hand knowledge of each location. He has traveled to Mexico, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Haiti, Iraq and many other countries. While in these countries Matt Badiali met with influential industry individuals such as Ross Beaty and T. Boone Pickens. The advice that Matt is able to give to his dedicated readers is from first hand real life experiences. This combined with his easy to read writing style are the factors that have made his column such a sought after financial investment advice column. Visit:

Four Reasons For Igor Cornelsen’s Success As An Investment Advisor

Brazil was called El Dorado, the City of Gold, during colonial times for its rich gold deposits. The country also has many other types of mineral wealth, oil, timber and much more. For investors, the key is knowing which Brazilian companies have the capabilities to transform the country’s natural resources into products they can sell on the global markets. One of the people many turn to for answers to their Brazilian investment questions is Igor Cornelsen. He is an investment advisor people in Brazil and worldwide have depended on to consistently help them make money by investing in Brazil.

There are four major reasons Igor Cornelsen has been able to consistently provide investors with timely, accurate investment advice. First, he was a Brazilian banking executive for many years, so he understands the forces driving companies to succeed. Secondly, having worked with several investment banks before starting his investment advisory firm over 20 years ago, he knows Brazil’s often confusing investment laws well. The third reason for Cornelsen’s success is the extensive research he does to determine which companies are positioned to succeed. The fourth reason is Cornelsen’s long-held investment rules which he uses to guide his investment activity. View to know more about Igor Cornelsen

With so many things going for him it’s not surprising Igor Cornelsen has a track record of success when it comes to offering investment advice. Everyone from small local investors to large multinational corporations like Burger King have turned to him for investment advice. And Cornelsen consistently provides them with the information they need to make investments in Brazil that will keep on paying excellent dividends for years. Many people see Igor Cornelsen’s prowess as an investment advisor as a gift he received from the gods. Others chalk it up to him having a practiced hand. Either way, they all acknowledge he’s Brazil’s top investment advisor.

Almost 50 years ago, Cornelsen made the fateful decision to change his college major from engineering to economics. That simple decision has led to investors making millions of dollars in dividends investing in markets in Brazil and around the world. They owe him lots of thanks.

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