Micheal Lacey’s And Jim Larkin’s Fights For Reforms Of Immigrant, Human And Civil Laws

Micheal and Jim are the renowned activists and journalist transforming the immigration landscape of Arizona. Their time in the limelight started when they won a case against the crooked Maricopa Sherriff cop, Arpaio. After an extended fight in the courts, the two journalists receive a compensation of $3.75 million from Maricopa County for what was termed as unfair treatment.

The course of action that prompted the commencement of the case involved Arpaio’s wrongful arrest of Micheal and Jim in the middle of the night from their homes. The arrest warrant detailed that the journalists had refused to cooperate with Arpaio o reveal details of their magazine’s readers, including their browsing history.

Following the case’s resolution in court, Arpaio was ultimately labeled as a faulty policeman with the intention to misuse and abuse his administrative power in the defense force.

He was also exposed for the unjust means he used to screen immigrants and deport them. The case which took place at the United States Court of Appeals was a success in defense of First Amendment Rights and the beginning of a journey by Larkin and Lacey to support immigrants.

Micheal and Jim have a long history as journalists in the United States. They have several associations with leading media houses and their platforms where they campaign for freedom of speech and reform of immigration laws.

After their complicated case of Arpaio, Micheal and Jim started the Frontera Fund to financially back up foundations in Arizona promoting improved civil, human and immigrant laws. One of the cases highlighted on Frontera’s main page is that of the unfair treatment experienced by immigrant children and youth. They undergo intense vetting procedures to allow them basic opportunities in the States such as education and jobs.

The most recent hiccup reported by immigrants is the army recruitment process taking place through MAVNI. The organization signs up immigrants with special qualifications into the military to serve in various posts such as oral surgeons, psychologists, nuclear medical officers among other professions.

They consider nationals from more than 15 backgrounds including, Swahili, Igbo, and Baluchi-speaking regions. The foundation allows the recruits to gain direct citizenship into the States after ten weeks of combat training or to serve as Commissioner army officers.

MAVNI has been the recipient of some unsatisfactory reviews citing that immigrants undergo extreme scrutiny. The vetting negatively impacts their lives and seeps into other facets of their current involvements, ultimately corrupting their citizenship in the country. Additionally, MAVNI fact checks each person’s financial, educational and professional backgrounds for the past ten years.

The procedure is attributed to the fallout of more than 1,500 applicants who lose the statuses while awaiting verification. An additional 4300 are pending in status while they await the procedure’s maturation.

The immigration attorney David Leopold stated that it is vital for USCIS to find alternative ways for MAVNI to reduce fall out cases and reduce the vetting period since it is the only organization that ascertains entry of immigrants into the US army.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/

Continues its Next Phase of Growth

Nexbank is continuing its recent pattern of growth and diversification with their recent acquisition of College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey. The purchase adds to their diversified portfolio of products and services. Nexbank adds to their arsenal a niche specialty consisting of 529 plan college savings programs. The college bank will keep its name and become a division of Nexbank.

College Savings Bank has focused on helping parents provide college tuition for their children since it first opened its doors in 1987. It is the program manager for two state-run college savings plans. Both Indiana and Arizona utilize their services.

Nexbank recently completed a capital raise from shareholders of $24 million. It is an indication of ongoing strength in their operations. The money will go to support general corporate purposes. With recent statistics revealing a return on average equity (ROAE) of 37.6 percent, Nexbank continues to pursue growth opportunities. Last year total assets exceeded $3.5 billion and total deposits grew to a total of $2.6 billion. These substantial increases total 61 percent and 49 percent respectively, year over year.

Nexbank is a powerhouse amidst the thriving business culture in Dallas, Tx. They have three core businesses, Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Investment Banking. Nexbank has a charter dating back to 1922.

George Soros: A Man With A Goal To Help The World

George Soros is someone who is known all over the world as a person who cares about society and the betterment of individuals. His primary goal in live is to be able to create the world where everyone can coexist in harmony, and where political systems are always catering to justice. He is known to be one of the biggest charitable donors in the entire world and has contributed immensely to numerous different causes. He has changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world by providing them with the kind of aid that they truly need. Soros has been featured numerous times on Forbes’ lists making it as one of the top philanthropist in the world. Soros’ reason for helping the world doesn’t just lie in his fame and his influence, but his sheer will to want to help people and get them out of the tough situations that they are in.

Know more: https://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros

Soros knew that he would require a lot of resources to be able to make a difference to people’s lives all over the world. It was for this purpose that Soros saw the world of Wall Street fit for him to make his money in. He started his ventures on Wall Street straight out of college, where he began working as a hedge fund owner. With some extremely risky trades that paid off even better, George Soros soon managed to rake up a fortune for himself. He was soon on his way to achieving the goals that he set for himself, and was on his way to make a difference in the world and political systems. He has influenced the political systems in numerous countries including America, advising the general public on whom to vote for and bring to power. Read his profile at Forbes.

This inherent need to want to help people stems from his childhood and the kind of life that he led when he was growing up. Soros was born in Hungary to a Jewish family. At the time, the part of Hungary that he was living in was still under the control of Nazi Germany, which caused a lot of distress to Soros and his family. His family and the people living around him were subjected to extremely harsh realities and had to lead a highly fearful lifestyle. This continued until his family managed to escape Hungary and move to London where they set up their new life. It was this childhood experiences that made Soros want to do something to ensure that the wrong people never come into power again and so that people can live without fear in their lives. When in London, Soros signed up for the London School of Economics which was his first step towards his goal. Learn more about his profile at washingtontimes.com.

Chicago Entrepreneur, Rona Borre Completes An Interview With Ideamensch

Rona Borre started her company back in 2001. Since its inception, her firm called Instant Alliance has become heralded across the nation. Two factors that have helped Instant Alliance to stand out include that it is a female owned business in the technology and business world and that its revenues have steadily increased year after year. This represents not only a successful business, but also an expanding one.

Besides being a successful female business owner, Rona Borre is also very active in the Chicago business and philanthropic community. Some of the organizations that she is involved in include the Young Presidents Organization, the Economic Club of the City of Chicago and the Chicago Network. Many of these organizations help aspiring female entrepreneurs as well as young business owners such as herself.

Borre’s company has been featured on news outlets and publications such as USA Today, CNBC, Crain’s Chicago, CNN Money and Crain’s of Chicago. Check conferences.shrm.org.  During her appearances on business news shows such as CNBC Ronna Borre highlighted the trends in the staffing industry and what the tech and finance industry is now looking for. Business magazines have also highlighted Ronna Borre by naming her as one of the enterprising women of the year. Her business has also garnered numerous other awards for excellence in staffing and female leadership.

Mrs. Borre’s educational background includes studying at Arizona State University, where she completed a bachelor of science program in business administration. Her company is located at 200 W. Adams, Suite 1440, Chicago, IL 60606 in downtown Chicago. You can contact Instant Alliance for any staffing needs in the field of technology or finance by calling 312.582.2600.   More of Instant Alliance on http://www.instantalliance.com/

One of the questions asked of Rona Borre during her Ideamensch interview was what is a trend she finds highly fascinating. Borre sad that big data and analytics fascinate her. She said that they can make running a business more efficient. They nownow impact decision making from top to bottom.   For the full interview, click on ideamensch.com.


Yanni Hufnagel’s Bright Future

Succeeding as a college basketball coach is dependent on being good in several areas.

Coaches must be able to keep a scandal free program, recruit good players and win plenty of games in order to stay employed for any length of time. Yanni Hufnagel has shown that he has the ability to recruit and develop players. He has had success at multiple schools and appears prime to become a head coach in the near future.


Hufnagel’s start came in New York. It was there that he grew to love the sport of basketball. He would eventually find his way into coaching after a brief playing career. While still in school as a graduate assistant he began working with Oklahoma University’s basketball team. Yanni was beginning to become recognized for his ability to work with and develop players. In particular he gained a lot of attention for his work with Blake Griffin, a future NBA star.


Yanni Hufnagel’s talents were really beginning to be noticed. He would next become an assistant at Harvard University. Working with head coach Tommy Amaker, Hufnagel help lead a program that went to back to back NCAA tournaments. Furthermore Hufnagel played an important role in the development of some future professional players including Wesley Saunders and Jeremy Lin. Other coaches and college basketball analysts were beginning to take note of Hufnagel’s ability to relate to players.


Future stops for Hufnagel would include Vanderbilt, California University and Nevada. Yanni was responsible for two really big recruiting classes during this time. At Vanderbilt he was responsible for the the 29th-ranked 2014 recruiting class, which included Matthew Fisher-Davis. At California he teamed up with Cuonzo Martin to secure a class that contained two five star prospects.


Currently at Nevada University, Yanni Hufnagel continues to display his recruiting and development talents. He is well on his way to one day being a head coach himself.

Read more about Yanni Hufangel:


Save Money And Stay Comfortable With Goettl

Located in the heart of the Southwest, the Goettl brand of air conditioning repairs and maintenance technicians has been providing high quality customer service for the better half of a century. The company has recently become a major part of the social media marketing revolution and has published a quick guide to keeping any property cool and comfortable during the warmest months of the year, based on their own abilities as some of the world’s most impressive HVAC technicians.


The “Goettl Tells All” guide provided through Norcal.com includes a number of tips for keeping any home or business property cool and comfortable, including taking basic maintenance steps to ensure each and every part of a HVAC system is working correctly. Air filters that are not changed regularly can cause many issues for a property owner and reduce the level of efficiency in any property. New technologies can also make a major difference to the way we live our lives in war areas of the world, including the use of a digital programmable thermostat; Goettl have recently been a driving force behind the arrival of connected and zoned cooling systems, which can be programmed through a Smartphone from anywhere with Internet access.


The Goettl brand has been built around a number of pillars of success, including the best in customer service the company was always well known for; under new owner Ken Goodrich the Goettl brand has played a key role in many community programs, such as the installation of new units for those who are struggling to make ends meet.


In a bid to make sure its next generation of technicians are among the best trained in the U.S. the Goettl brand has partnered with the College of Southern Nevada to develop a new training areas and various scholarships for military veterans and those with family members within the HVAC industry.

Vincent Parascandola’s Knowledge in the Provision of Insurance and Finance Solutions

Vincent Parascandola is a renowned finance specialist and administrator who acts the senior executive VP of AXA Advisors, which is the US-based branch of AXA. AXA is French multinational company that has majored in offering finance and insurance services. The corporation was established in 1816 and is listed among the top three providers of finance services in the world. His role at the firm is to head the 225 finance experts who sell the products of AXA Advisors in New Jersey. Vinny Parascandola is also in charge of hiring new insurance agents and ensuring the profits margins of the firm are maintained as it strives to accomplish its productivity goals.

Mr. Parascandola was offered an opportunity to work with AXA Advisors in May 2005 when he was appointed as the executive vice president. He formerly acted as the field vice president of the MONY Group, which is a firm that was later absorbed by AXA Advisors in 2005. The company requested to retain him to offer his finance expertise after the acquisition. Vincent has been working in the insurance sector for the better part of his career. He was once hired by Prudential Insurance to serve as an insurance agent. Irving Trust Company also appointed him to serve as it systems analyst. The finance expert schooled at the Lubin School of Business, which is based at the Pace University. He is appreciated as a top speaker and has made appearances in various conferences and workshops in different parts of the country.

Vincent has been working with various insurance professionals at AXA Advisors to sell its insurance products across the United States. The main products that the company offer to the clients include life insurance policies, annuities, and benefits packages for employees that can meet the needs of different types of businesses. The firm has also specialized in providing investment brokerage solutions and personal retirement accounts. Parascandola has devoted himself to the cooperating with families and businesses to establish excellent insurance products that can suit their needs and those of their employees. Other fields that he has specialized in include customer service as well as sales and marketing. He offers on the job training to his team to enable them to provide excellent services.


A Transitional Man Named Choudhry

We think of Sujit Choudhry, and we think of a rare exception to the rule. Just think a moment about what you wanted to study growing up. Did you consider biology, finance, business, or were you into active sports with a dream of going pro? All of these are valid options, but one man choose a different path as you’ll discover.

Mr. Choudhry is the face of a movement many are unaware of. What they don’t see is the force of one man’s decision and his ability to move nations with his daily work objectives. What Sujit Choudhry does is more than comparative constitutional law. His work is in creating revolutions where people aren’t starting wars.   Read Sujit’s answers to questions in this interview on ceocfointerviews.com.

What we see instead are nations that become great, bigger and inherently better. And you may now be asking how all of this can happen. The answer is relatively simple and easy. It’s called comparative constitutional law. Don’t be misled by the statement. This law is a common process in thinking and theorizing.

Gather everything you know about the scientific method for example. This process requires the practitioner to create a theory, gather information, make a test to validate this theory and then test a bit more or in varying conditions. The process of comparative constitutional law follows the same pattern.

The only change is its objective when compared to science. To simply say it, that objective is to transform nations. Often, nations who undergo this process with Sujit Choudhry are in need of civil order. This can happen by first understanding the process of constitutional development.  To read blogs, visit Sujit’s linkedin.com page.

Which is the process whereby study and examination is put into practice and to uncover both what we know about civil rights and what we discover as most beneficial for the same. The long standing track record of Sujit Choudhry is evident of his ability to synthesize change and transitions for many nations across the globe.

Hop over to this and check this podcast, featuring Sujit Choudhry.

Sujit got his start as a professor, became a dean and then created his own center. To learn more about Sujit, visit his official website at officialsujitchoudhry.com.  This group is The Center For Constitutional Transitions. The work of the agency is impressive with a long route before it. Nations need change, and this entity will be one of the major powers who implement such development for countries globally.  Check fundacity.com for additional article.


Dogs Eat Like Humans Thanks To Beneful

After a lawsuit was filed last year against Nestle Purina PetCare and its Beneful brand dog food, consumers heard increasingly alarming reports regarding the contents of the dog food. As it happens, concerns about antifreeze or mycotoxins were blown wildly out of proportion and stemmed from a bigger problem in the ways human owners perceive their pet’s food. That is, they expected their pets to have the same level of food quality as their own.

While the lawsuit has still not been resolved, Beneful has adapted its dog food to respond to the criticisms, regardless of how apt they may be. A new formula has actually been in Beneful’s plans for several years now, and was released on May 9th. As a part of this new initiative, Beneful’s dog food will include real meat as the first ingredient in each of its products. For example, its salmon formula includes actual salmon in the product.

Despite propylene glycol being approved by the FDA, Beneful has decided to remove it and any sugar components from its products in response to criticisms over its inclusion in their formulas. Interestingly, Beneful has also gone ahead and removed much of the food dye that had originally been included in their formulas, partly in response to concerns from consumers and partly due to increasing restrictions from the FDA. These changes may also be reflected in Beneful’s wet dog food, although it is currently restricted to just its dry food formulas.

As further reassurance to customers, Beneful and its parent company, Purina, have revealed that each dog food package goes through multiple quality checks. On any given day, tens of thousands of quality checks occur, from packaging to processing to shipping. With so many opportunities to catch issues in the product line, it should come as no surprise that Beneful is confident in the safety of its formulas. With the new changes having taken effect, it will be on consumers to decide if the new changes are what they want for their pets. As it stands, Beneful is producing dog food on the same level as humans.

Rona Borre; The Power Of Women As Far As Management Of Businesses Is Concerned

Today’s society cannot progress without the input of women. Women play a crucial part in the overall growth of corporations, communities, and organizations. With time, women have come to realize that managerial positions are not a preserve of men. Some of the women with a notable contribution in the corporate world include Rona Borre, the founder of Instant Alliance.  Check on instantalliance.com for additional reading.

Beaming with energy right after college, Rona took her first steps in the field of recruiting and staffing. She joined a company that focused on identifying skilled individuals and connecting them with organizations that were in need of their services. This opportunity gave Rona Borre a rare chance of working with people and establishing business networks. Working with the company, Rona was able to learn how corporates leverage technology to achieve better results. Later, the organization which Rona used to work for was bought, and she decided it was time for her to start her own business.

When she started Instant Alliance, the individuals she had helped place in different organizations assisted her in building a network with recruiters. They offered to make introductions on her behalf in the companies they worked helping her get started. That is how Rona Borre has been able to grow her company from a little-known business that operated from her condo to the enterprise that boasts of over 50 employees.

Rona derives a lot of pleasure from her work. She loves being out in the field and engaging with her customers while building lasting business relationships. Borre feels productive whenever her team has succeeded in identifying the most skilled people and placing them with her clients. She knows that human capital is one of the most fundamental resources in an organization.

For a glimpse of an interview with Borre, click ideamensch,.com.

The future of businesses shall be determined by how enterprises use big data and analytics to come up with management strategies and design products. Analytics is a field which excites Rona Borre given that she is always on the run, trying to improve herself and learn more.

Rona Borre recognizes the power of technology in enabling a business to achieve more and run efficiently. Instant Alliance incorporates one of the best software solutions that is robust and sleek in functionality allowing the company to make more.

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