The Secret of Bruce Bent II and Market Funds Revealed

When it comes to the topic of money very few people don’t have at least some sort of opinion on it. Whether your views are good, bad, or in between we can all agree that having a little more money in the bank can make even the most basic life easier. The real questions are what money market funds are, and who should be qualified to have them? Wikipedia defines money market funds as an open-ended mutual fund that invests in short-term debt securities such as US Treasury bills and commercial paper. They are also generally seen as being safe as a typical bank deposit, but typically provide a higher ROI (return on investment). Qualified investors and people who are responsible with money should have the privilege of dealing with money market funds. One of money market funds purpose is to limit exposure to loss either from credit, market, liquidity, or other unforeseen risks.

Now the next real question is who is Bruce Bent II, and how does he relate to money market funds?  In 1971, the first money market fund was developed by Bruce Bent II’s father. It was initially named the Reserve Fund, and was given to investors who were inclined in preserving their cash and money.

Bent II’s went on to join his father and the financial industry after graduating from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy. He has become a business guru and financial expert, just like his father. Bent II has helped many business overcome their finanicial issues with his creative cash-related solutions.

Currently Bruce Bent II serves as the president of the Reserve Management Company, and has affiliations with the Double Rock Corporation, Hallmark Investment Series Trust, and more.

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Wengie Hacks To Help Survive Emergency Situations


Wengie is an Australian vlogger that regularly posts videos to Youtube and Instagram. Her videos range from beauty tips to life hacks. In one of her most popular hack videos, she shows her viewers some very important life-saving hacks for emergencies Her first hack is a quick and easy emergency phone battery charger. She takes a metal key and attaches one end to a 9-volt battery and the other terminal is attached to the tip of a car charger. She tapes them in place, and her phone charges. Her next hack it filtering dirty creek water in an emergency. She takes a piece of fabric from her shirt and connects the jar with dirty water to the empty jar. The empty jar is lower than the dirty water jar. The water wicks up through the shirt and then down into the empty jar.


Next, she collects rainwater to drink by cutting a plastic bottle into the shape of a flower with the bottle opening placed inside a container to catch the water. Other tips in the video include putting spare cash in between the phone and the phone case, using your bra as a smoke or dust mask, using corn tortillas to start a fire, using a sandwich bag or a water bottle to catch sunlight and start a fire on paper, performing the Heimlich maneuver on yourself by putting a fist just above the navel and pushing up and in or using a fist and pushing it into a chair with force in and up, using a needle that has been magnetized by rubbing it on a shirt in one direction about one hundred times and then placing it on a small leaf that is floating in a container of water to show North, using a balloon or stretchy material placed over the opening of a water bottle the has been cut at the neck to launch a pointed stick for hunting small animals, using a crayon as a candle, checking your local wifi connections on your phone to tell if the power is out in the area or just your house, using keys placed between the fingers to attack an attacker, and finally using a rolled up piece of aluminum foil to create an extra contact between two batteries if there are not enough to power a device. Wengie has other hack videos on Youtube with very helpful information.

Highland – Much to Offer in Success

The Three Magic Words of a Successful Business


When it comes to Highland Capital Management, three words stand out from the rest: experienced, disciplined and bold. This unique pillar has been in the business for over two decades and quickly grown into a top-industry, global-alternative credit manager. It began in 1990 as James Dondero and Mark Okada formed a joint venture partnership through Protective Life Insurance Corporation and later specialized in assisting numerous clients to pursue fixed income markets as well as to obtain senior secured bank-loan management solutions. As of 1993, the business grew into Protective Asset Management Company, known otherwise as PAMCO. At this time, the business also served as an SEC-registered investment advisor through Protective Life and its two founding partners; Dondero and O’Connor owned 40 percent while Protective Life owned 60 percent.


The company only grew further with rapid success. In May 1997, the two founding partners purchased Protective Life stake through PAMCO and began Ranger Asset Management, LP., as an independent advisory registered with the SEC. In 1998, Ranger Asset Management, LP., changed its names to Highland Capital Management, LP. In 2000, Highland Capital Management initiated its very first co-mingled bank account fund and formed an alternative investment 40 Act solution as well. Highland continued to expand its products and – in 2004 – sent the mutual fund acquisition company through to floating rate funds on behalf of Columbia Asset Management. Highland Capital Management eventually purchased Singapore and Seoul offices, respectively, in 2008 and 2011.




Highland Capital Management has also worked with collateralized loan obligation markets or CLO markets to launch one of the first non-bank CLO’s as of 1996. Ever since, Highland Capital Management has worked diligently to structure and monitor billions of dollars in CLO’s and CDO’s, continuing as one of the biggest CLO managers globally. Highland Capital Management invests in an equal balance of community, environmental welfare, employee success and worldwide investment mastery. The company owns five main global headquarters. You may also find Highland Capital Management on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus.

Eric Pulier And His Quest For Success

Most people spend their childhood playing games and hanging out with friends. While Eric Pulier certainly had some fun he also did some amazing things. He began dissecting and rebuilding computers when he was only in elementary school. In high school, he started a company that was data-based. His childhood was certainly filled with some amazing accomplishments.


From his childhood, he went on to even more incredible things. He graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English and American Literature. While studying at the ivy league school, we took a few classes at MIT. His high educational attainments were just the start.


Eric Pulier started creating successful technology-based companies went after graduating from college. People Doing Things was founded in 1991 and was a company that focused on problems facing communities such as education. From there he went on to found other technology-based and potentially his most amazing accomplishment. Starbright World was created as a way to help children who have experiences other children have usually don’t have. It was created as a social media outlet for children who are chronically ill. It is there that they can blog, talk, and interact with other children. A place for them to just be kids. After creating so much greatness he decided he was not done yet.


Following his achievements, he began to focus his time on his philantrophy. To expand on Starbright World, Eric Pulier also created The Painted Turtle which is a camp for children who are chronically ill. It is there that these children can have those important camp experiences surrounded by kids and people who understand them and their needs better. Creating these experiences for children is very important for Eric Pulier, which shows through his multiple efforts to chronically ill children.


Eric Pulier was a success from the start. His childhood was marked by accomplishment after accomplishment. He then went on to have the same success in his adulthood. His life is marked by his achievements and work trying to create a better life for children around the world. Eric Pulier continues to generate success and spread his success amongst others.


Equity First Holdings LLC and its Foremost Beneficiaries

Equity First Holdings established in 2002, organizes various lending transactions to empower the investors in acquiring funds quickly and efficiently. The company majorly focus in lending solutions to both the enterprise and private individuals with huge net-worth and who are interested in the non-purpose capital. The company offer their loans according to their evaluations on the future performance and risk related to the treasuries, bonds and the stocks as well

Equities First Holdings is of great help to various people and groups seeking funds to run or their businesses. However, the person borrowing quick capital from the company must be ideal and of high net value in order to qualify for the funds. Those who fail to qualify for the loan at Equity First are not left out, they are given a chance to benefit from the numerous jobs offered at the company. Since company is involved in the rendering of various services it means that more employee ere needed to man the transactions. Thus the employees of Equities can benefit from the company loans and advances to run his or her activities. See Equities First Resume Here.

The private individuals and businesses interested in the Equities First loans can apply for the stock loans and use their equities as the loan collateral for a three years period. The shareholders of other company and have their stocks in that company are should transfer those shares to Equities first and wait for their appreciation shortly. The shares invested in the company can then be used as the collaterals to acquire the loan. The people applying the loan to expand their businesses, benefit more from the Equities First Holdings as compared to those applying the loan for personal reasons. for more .

Julia Jackson; Wine Artist

Julia Jackson received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Scripps College in Studio Art in 2010 and also received a summer certificate at Stanford Business School in General Management, but her real education came from learning the importance of hard work in the wine making business. Her father would have her and her siblings picking and sorting grapes, teaching them lessons about success that have stayed with Julia. She spent time after school and summers in the winery and made a friend of one of the winemaker’s daughters, who was French. Because of this friendship, she developed a passion for French and learned about the vineyards and style of winemaking in France.

Julia currently is busy with Jackson Family Wines and as a proprietor at Cambria Estate Vineyard & Winery. She has her own vineyard which was planted in 1991, and the Benchbreak Pinot Noir is all produced from that very vineyard. Cenyth Wine is an artistic collaboration of second generation wine families, Julia Jackson and Helene Seillan. Helene creates the beauty inside of the bottle of Cenyth, while her friend of 20 years, Julia created the beautiful artwork on the label.

Julia believes in Sonoma wine, and believes that it is the best place for Cabernet. The Sonoma’s Verite, which has three annual releases; La Joie (dominant Bordeaux blend), La Muse (Merlot dominant), and Le Desir (Cabernet Franc dominant) received the highest scores, according to Julia, and has gained a perfect 100 by wine critic Robert Parker, nine times.

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Julia is part of the Seeds of Empowerment Program, through Cambria Wines, a charity dedicated to empowering strong women. Seeds of Empowerment were started in 2014, and are a $100,000 grant creating program for women globally, to achieve their goals. There are Seeds of Empowerment wines available for purchase, label artwork created by Julia Jackson, which can help with donating to this program.

Todd Lubar – Putting Passion Into Real Estate

The President of TDL FLOBAL VENTURES LLC Todd Lubar originally launched into real estate in 1955 after graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication. This began a long career in real estate and finance. He initially started out as a Loan Originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, teaching him about the model of conservative Mortgage banking. This turned out to be a great insertion point to beginning the rest of his career. In 1999 Todd took a massive step after a chain of achievements, taking an Equity position with Legacy Financial Group. This was just the beginning for Mr. Lubar, after using his position at Legacy to expand his capabilities he learned to broker loans, and how to lend as a direct Mortgage bank. In 2002 he opened up Legendary Properties, LLC. This is a massive step in the direction of being his own boss. He made his company a residential development company, and his skill in the real estate market allowed him to flourish with his new business. This allowed him to gain experience with all kinds of people in the housing and building trades. Making Todd Lubar an individual with a mass of wealth and progress in the real estate market. Allowing him to manage to get massive lines of credit for his business up to twenty million dollars. Visit Todd’s profile on Facebook.

Only a year later he opened Charter Funding a section of First Magnus Financial Corporation, one of most massive private mortgage companies. Allowing him to expand his business on an exponential level. All his experience allowed him to be labeled an expert and got attention toward his business and his experience, especially in Baltimore, where the real estate crisis is becoming more and more of a problem. With a mass of changes in Maryland, it allows the market to be more user-friendly allowing foreclosures and other issues to start and end more slowly. Todd was easily able to navigate this fragile market and rise in its ranks as one of the most well-known individuals in the Real estate market. In an article on Hackronym, Todd Lubar is an efficient, strong individual in the real estate market. With his wealth of knowledge and ability, he has managed to rise in its ranks, allowing him to become a well-known face in the housing market as well. A professional, capable, and well-versed individual he has encouraged growth and strength in the market and passion in everything he does.

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Rona Borre is a Ligntning Bolt in Disguise

Rona Borre founded her company, Instant Alliance, a major staffing company in Chicago in 2001. She had just quit a very high-paying job with another, very large staffing company, to start her company in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo.

Borre and her Instant Alliance firm hires professionals in the financial and technological segments for companies on-the-grow, who need these types to reach the next level. Borre has a system that most of the other staffing companies have overlooked. She and her crack account executives get to know the top executives in the client companies so they can learn what they want and need in the way of new people. The Borre and her crew will move heaven and earth to find that right candidate.  Learn more, check on

The success of the system shows up with a 3 to 1 interview to hire rate and an attrition rate of only 1% over the past 15 years, an unheard of statistic in the industry. The entire process saves everyone time and gets people working much faster than other methods.

Have a glimpse of this useful site.

Borre is very active in the Chicago business community with speaking engagements and leadership roles in such organizations and the Economic Club of Chicago, The Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Chicago Network, hop over to to read more related articles. Borre’s inspiring story about her company is regularly requested by locals.

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David Giertz – Financial Powerhouse

With over three decades experience in finance, David Giertz has leveraged processes, strategies, and innovations in the industry to guarantee profitability. His latest achievement was in the nationwide financial sales and distribution organization where he served as President delivering impressive profit margins by growing the profit levels of the company from 11billion dollars to 17.8 billion, which is way over the target, put by P&L. He has also been at the helm of successful companies, especially in the wholesale and distribution sectors at David has been a resource for the private sector retirement plans, specialty markets, annuities, life insurance, Wirehouses, IMOSs, IRAs, independent brokers as well as mutual funds through banks. Mr. Giertz has overseen the successful growth and profitability of organizations in all these financial sectors.

David Giertz is certified by the WABC as a business coach. He has a world-class gallup associate engagement score of 83:1 engaged: disengaged employee ratio. He is also a great part of promoting coaching as he certified more than 100 business leaders. From the start of 2004, he has been the head of financial institution bank. In 2009, he expanded to the Wirehouse Distribution channel within which the company grew from 1.5 billion dollars to 8billion dollars.

David Giertz got an entry level job at Nationwide in 1999, serving as the regional vice-president based in Miami Florida. During this period, he increased the revenue of the southeast territory, which comprised of Puerto Rico and seven other states by 48%. Before joining the company on, David had spent ten years of his career at Citi Group where he started as a financial service advisor. He moved to area director and finally executive VP of sales where every time he exceeded the goals set for him.

Apart from his excellence in the financial world, David Giertz is passionately and actively involved in various community activities reported on Twitter. He has been the chair of the board of trustees of Milliken University where he also chaired the budget and fiancé committee. At FINRA, David also serves as the arbitrator. He has served on girl scout board of directors as well.

Kevin Seawright Is Helping Families Buy Their First Home

He has developed an incredible repuation for helping companies and communities restore, restructure, and rebuild in the Eastern Seabord area, specifically New Jersey. Kevin Seawright has been in the financial field for over thirteen years and for most of that time has helped others achieve growth and stability.

During the course of his career, he has been responsible for handling over 600 million in funds that have been used for the purpose of creating growth across several different entities. Read more: Kevin Seawright & RPS Solutions LLC Fill Baltimore’s Belvedere Square with First Time Homebuyers and Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC on The Larry Young Morning Show

He has also helped individuals get financing to buy their first homes in areas that have been plagued by a decline over the years. He has also helped to attract business ventures in those areas that need to see more growth and more permanent residents.

Kevin Seawright has overseen the development of educational facilities and urban development programs that have seen a 25% increase in returns due to his insightful predictions about future projections. Currently, his role allows him to work with city and state officials, as well as individual companies to create more opportunity for the residents and businesses in the area.

He also helps to promote new business prospects to the area, which in turn creates more revenue for the area and its residents. Kevin is also the founder of RPS Solutions, which is a development company that helps first-time potential homeowners achieve financing. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

They specialize in renovating properties in the Baltimore area. Kevin Seawright has a BS degree and is currently attending the Notre Dame Mendoza School Of Business.