Engineer Turned Successful Businessman, Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and a Mechanical Engineer who is the current service CEO and president of Eucatex Group. He is also the chairman of the board of directors. He is the current president of GroupFood Group and vice president of Eucatex Trading. For over three decades, he has served in the company in many sections. Maluf earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Sao Paulo-based University of FAAP. He then enrolled for a business course at the University of New York.

His career began in 1987 in the trade section of the company. For over a few years, he then moved to the industrial part of the company to fulfill his destiny. For this part, he worked until 1996 when he was first appointed to serve as board member of the enterprise. During that year, he was elected because of his increasing performance in the company. After an extensive consultation involving the family members and the board of executives, he was appointed as the president of the company. He began the process of restructuring the management system of the company in 2010 leading to the opening of the new factory based in Sao Paulo.

Mr. Flavio Maluf has also actively contributed to the development of community projects.  This is one of his biggest philanthropic efforts. While the company is considered as one of the best environment conservatisms using environmentally friendly products, the company has a track record as a pioneer in the business. The company is also the leading tiles and ceiling producers in the country. Their products are made of eucalyptus.

For the company to remain at the helm of the business, it has partnered with other groups and firms to create awareness about the need to conserve the environment. The company has also partnered with schools to effect this educational program. The company has gained its success through the exclusive support of Flavio Maluf. The company’s exports have risen by 30 percent over the years. He is a conservative businessman.

How the Evolution of Smooth came to be a leading brand

Chapstick has been many people’s favorite lip balm for a long time. It comes in different flavors, which the customers can choose between them. The Evolution of Smooth brand came up as a strong competitor in the market. These lip balms are unique even in the packaging. Instead of the traditional cylindrical package, the EoS has a round packaging. The packaging is also colorful making the product even more attractive.

They are natural, made from organic ingredients, and cruelty-free. The Evolution of Smooth lip balms is also incorporated with some vitamins, which are good for oral care. They come in six flavors including strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, and sweet mint.

Jonathan Teller, Sanjiv Mehra, and Craig Dubitsky co-founded Evolution of Smooth. They were focused on making an impact in the industry. To do this, they had to come up with a product that would compete with the existing brands. According to Fast Company’s interview on Teller and Mehra, getting the products in stores was also not easy. The sales people found it easier to sell to female buyers. The packaging made the product stand out in the stores.

Since the EOS lip balms entered the market, they have become very popular. Some celebrities have also been spotted using it. Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez have also had them on their music videos making the products even more popular. The marketing strategies, which include using blogs and Facebook, have been successful considering the target market is mostly 25-35-year-old women.

The Evolution of Smooth has also become partners with other companies. Increasing its products by working with other companies has helped in its growth. The consumers love their products. Other companies have also taken up the package. Currently, the EoS lip balm sales in a week are more than its sales during the first year. More information can be found here.

EoS lip balm products are available on ULTA and


Find Out More on Entrepreneur Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler has been a huge inspiration to most people all over the globe especially due to his determination and hard work. He is well-known as a serial entrepreneur and his role as the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital from the year 2009. He previously worked in Pali Capital which is a global firm for financial services as the chairman, CEO and a partner. He has been working for a long time which gives him huge experience in the field of business and finance.

Brad Reifler also worked at Refco Inc. from the year 1995-2000 at the Institutional Sales Desk. He was accountable for foreign exchange, coming up with custom investment program, selling global derivatives and executing them for institutions and clients with a high net worth. He now serves as the director of Symmetry Property Development as well as ITG Market Research Inc. this gives him knowledge on how to manage businesses and help investors manage their finances in the right way.

About Finance

It is very important to budget so you can find out how much money you will be spending and how much to save. Business make a budget to help them project their revenues as well as pay for their expenses. You can decide to plan your finance in a similar way with business to help you manage your expenses and avoid being in too much debts and having unmet needs. You also need to know that your pay stub shows you how much money you make via all the deductions. This will help you make all the necessary arrangements and budget for your expenses in the right way.


For young adults who wish to join college and yet they do not have guardians or parent to help them with the payments, it is important to find out how you can work your way through. It is important for you to avoid expensive colleges and universities so you can minimize the costs.

Geoffrey Cone Develops Legal Papers To Document Foundation of New Committees

Geoffrey Cone, the famous executive of the Cone Marshall law firm in New Zealand, has recently developed a series of legal documents in an effort to bring awareness to the formation of new regulative committees in the New Zealand government. During an interview with a local business publication, Cone stated that he was asked to develop the documents by upper level government officials and expressed his honor to have been chosen to complete the task. Cone discussed the focus of the legal documents by stating that he designed the documents to address the formation of new committees that will likely have a profound effect on the New Zealand tax code, explain ways in which the committees will serve the New Zealand population, and address potential concerns associated with the development of the committees.


Formation of New Committees

Cone described several new measures that will be put into effect by the tax committees in an effort to better assist New Zealand tax attorneys. According to the Cone Marshall executive, many incentives are currently being discussed in the committees and are expected to be added to new taxation legislation in coming years.


Committees’ Effect on New Zealand Population

Geoffrey Cone also discussed the impact that the formation of new committees will have on the New Zealand population. Cone believes that the new committees will serve the New Zealand population through the adequate legislation of foreign and domestic tax codes. Cone is pleased that the majority of the committee members share a history of successful citizen-oriented legislation. Cone believes that these committee members will continue to implement legislative practices that are considerate of average New Zealand tax payers.


Potential Concerns Regarding Committee Development

The executive stated that the primary concern with the formation of the committees was that the committees would have the power to enact taxation measures that reflect values that are not in keeping with the general public in New Zealand. Cone assured citizens that the new committees would not possess inordinate power and would include the election of members to particular committee groups. Because the committee members are elected, Cone believes that New Zealand citizens will always have the ability to ensure that their values are reflected in new tax legislation.


A Look into Raj Fernando’s Impressive Accomplishments

Raj Fernando thrives in his expertise in the international financial markets and technological innovations. Aside from that he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of, an internet startup, and also the former founder and Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading, a proprietary trading firm. Raj Fernando is also actively involved with foreign policy, being an American Board member of American Security Project. His hiring policy is outstanding. He maintains a pleasant atmosphere at the workplace to ensure employees are productive and get along.

Mr. Fernando was born to parents CK and Laura Fernando in Denmark, but later on moved to the United States before he reached the age of one. Raj was born the youngest of three children after his two sisters, Tanya and Netasha.

Shortly after college, Mr. Fernando volunteered at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for ten years, having different responsibilities including trading positions at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He founded his first company, Chopper Trading, which is based in Chicago. The company is a proprietary trading firm centralized on equities, fixed income and other products. During his tenure, Mr. Fernando overlooked the construction, implementation and management of sophisticated risk management, trading, communications, monitoring and source code security systems. Under his bold leadership, the company revealed impressive growth and went on to become a world’s largest global participant on the exchanges including Nasqad, LSE, CME, Eurex and ICE with an estimate of 250 employees worldwide.

Mr. Fernando sold the company to DRW Trading Group, which merged to form two of the best companies in Chicago’s Proprietary trading community. He, later on, launched his second company,, in 2016, where he serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Being an active participant of foreign policy organizations, Mr. Fernando is currently a board member of the policy leadership committee, American Security Project at the Brookings Institution and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

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Igor Cornelsen Takes Investors to Brazil


Igor Cornelsen has been around for a long time. He has given investors in the United States a world outside of what they may have known in the past. Most investors have been building portfolios based on the S&P 500 and NASDAQ.

The average person that has a portfolio in the United States doesn’t have the ability to maximize their returns because they are limited on American stocks. What Igor Cornelsen has been able to do is give people access to a new environment outside of the United States. The market in Brazil is booming, and people are going to be excited when they get some basic tips from Igor Cornelsen about the diverse options that are available with trading outside the United States.

When the economy in China in not doing well it will have a trickle effect on the stocks in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen reminds people that they have to see the bigger picture, he stresses as much often on his blog.

Taking a step to see what the economy is like in Brazil is a good first step to foreign investments. There still has to be a need for investors to look at the other countries that people are applying products to. This makes a difference in the long-term investing. Trading partners are very important. When you know how imports and exports work you will have a much better understanding of the companies that will be profitable.

Another thing that he has done is give people valuable information about the government and all the things that they can expect. He informs investors about the currency exchange rate. He also tells people about the banking industry and the major players in Brazilian banking. He knows a lot about banking in Brazil because he spent years there as an investment banker. Citibank Brazil is one of the largest of the top ten, and this is what Igor tells people to keep their eyes on. Smart investors are the ones that observe change.  PRLog details Igor’s analysis of Brazil’s economy in full.

Classdojo Helps Classrooms Grow

Classrooms are not able to grow unless students and teachers work together to make sure that they are doing their best for bettering each other. Students are able to get a better mindset when they have the opportunity to do more and teachers are able to have a more successful classroom when they are able to use a uniform method to reward the students who are in their classes. Classdojo gives students and teachers the ability to learn together and to grow into different things so that they can make sure that they are continually moving forward for themselves.


Teachers need to make sure that they are encouraging their students if they want to see growth in the classroom. They can do this by making sure that they always reward their students for good behavior and that they focus on the positives of the environment instead of the negatives. There are many things that the teachers can do but using something like Classdojo is one of the easiest ways that they can give this positive reinforcement. The app allows for additional points depending on what the teachers are able to do and what they can get out of the app.


The Class dojo app is one of the best tools available for student growth and gives students the chance to work toward being better. Not only will students be able to see that they can be extremely successful just by doing the things that they are supposed to do but they can also see that they will be able to be rewarded at the end of the time period for earning the points. They can trade in their Classdojo money for real prizes in the classroom.


Parents who have the Classdojo app can see what their child is doing great at and what they need to improve on. They can then use this information to work on different things at home and to make sure that their child is getting the best experience possible. The app has been able to include every parent into the growth process which has made it even more easy to reach different levels of growth.

Putting Hall Capital in Order- Helane Morrison

There have been sizeable reports of attacks that target compliance officers in the recent past. While these officers simply have to accept the scrutiny as newer laws are made, they ought to distribute their services as per their own business acumen. Professional work ethics, similar to the number of these officers, have been increasing ever since, but they aren’t taming the increasing cases of corporate fraud and scams.

Going by the recent upsurge in such cases as the Volkswagen emissions-software scandal, a lot are at stake concerning what is expected of them. Their inefficiencies have severally been costly to their respective companies, some even costing a fortune. However, their role is hugely important in a firm.

A day in the life of a compliance officer is an interesting one as much of their time in office is spent monitoring the firm’s controls in a bid to mitigate any compliance risk.

The employees including the board of directors and the management must follow all the laid down rules and meet the company’s standards of conduct for its smooth operation. In a nutshell, a compliance officer is crucial for communication in a firm and is the last formal conduit of communication especially when all the other avenues have been exhausted. They work to keep the law and their company’s best interests in mind at all times.

Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is a notable figure in the world of a compliance officer. Besides being the managing director of Hall Capital Partners, she is their Compliance Officer as well as their lead counsel. Her stern look coupled with a lengthy experience in the niche has immensely helped her climb the ladder to where she is today. Before joining Hall Capital Partners in 2007, she was working in San Francisco, primarily representing the interest of the San Francisco Exchange and Security Commission.

In her current role, Helane is a leader and a team player. In fact, she was a practicing lawyer before her current job, and she is highly knowledgeable in all that pertains her career. She attributes her expansive knowledge on her past stints that include working with the SEC.

5 Ways Coworking Space Can Jumpstart Your Business


Locating New York offices for rent can be a difficult task. You can spend weeks trying to find a space that has everything you want. If you are having a difficult time find the perfect office space you might want to consider a coworking space.


Coworking spaces are becoming more popular for a very good reason; they help many entrepreneurs and startups grow their business at a much faster rate.


  1. Expand Personal And Professional Networks

By using coworking spaces you will be surrounded by other business people that can help grow your business. Coders, freelance writers, and web designers are just a few professionals you will be rubbing elbows with. Not to mention future moguls in your industry.


  1. Lower Overhead

New York offices for rent can be very expensive. By choosing a coworking space you can greatly reduce your expenses. Plus you will most likely not have to sign a long term lease. Many coworking spaces will allow you to rent month to month.


  1. Get Help When You need It

Because you will be surrounded by professionals with a variety of skills, you can get the help you need almost instantly. If you need some help with web design you can simply walk down the hallway and find a web designer for hire right then and there.


  1. Less Distractions

If you have been working from home there are many distractions you need to fend off. These come in the form of family, TV, pets and others. By getting yourself out of the house and in a more professional environment you can be more focused on your project.


  1. Support And Inspiration

When you are surrounded by like-minded people you will push yourself harder and be more inclined to finish your projects on time.


If you are looking for Manhattan offices for rent you would do well to consider WorkVille NYC. They offer state of the art facilities in a desirable location.

Class Dojo Has Developed And Educational Platform To Improve Schooling Environment

There are many cases when kids can find it difficult to learn and stay focused on their schoolwork, and many times it is not their fault, especially today. There are many students that give up and do poorly because they are not engaged and receive negative criticism from their peers. Class Dojo is a company that is hoping to improve on this situation in the future. The company developed their own educational platform for schooling to help improve the level of communication between students, parents, and teachers all around.Along with their program is a set of growth mindset videos that are there to teach student important lessons and life tips for being successful and giving it their all.


Class Dojo is a relatively new company, starting back in 2011. Since first launching, the company has managed to find a fare bit of success and have since expanded on their operations. Their app has done majorly well, with only a third of schools in the United States not yet adopting the program. Class Dojo also did research with Stanford around their platform and videos to see how people were taking to it and how it could be further improved.


The whole philosophy behind the program and their videos is to help students perform better in school and help them understand the importance of their schooling and improving on their abilities, which can be achieved with better communication. Since the company has been successful overall thus far, they are sure to continue to improve and expand so they can help improve the schooling environments all around the world.


Class Dojo’s app is entirely free to use for everyone and there are no hassles to signing up.  All any parent or student needs to do to get on the app is to ask for an invitation from a teacher. Once this is done, parents are able to stay in constant contact with their child’s teacher through in-app messaging. This lets parents stay up to date and know everything that is happening with their child while they are in their classes.