OSI Food Solutions Company

OSI was founded in 1909 as Otto’s meat market and its name changed to Otto & Sons in 1928. It later became OSI industries in 1975 and grew internationally. OSI Food Solutions was begun by Otto Kolschowsky, a Germany immigrant. It supplies food products to a number of the large restaurants businesses. OSI Food Solutions has quickly grown to be one of the top large producers of value added food products in the world. It manages 65 entities in 17 countries and it has employed over 20,000 people.

Brands with retail and hotels are able to leverage OSI Food Solutions abilities and its global reach to process high quality food items. OSI food products are set to be able to satisfy many customers’ interests. OSI organization works very hard to be the largest manufacturer of food services in the world. The organization has acquired a venture to operate in the Philippines.

The organization has satisfied the standards of environmental standards ISO 14001, and AU audit scheme too of being a standing organization in food security and safety regulations that re needed. The company has acquired Baho food company, Chicago food processing firm, and the Flagship company. David McDonald is the president of OSI organization.

The company produces all its products in accordance with customized specifications for the clients. But the company does not give a standard index of food products rather it works together with the clients in identifying the kind of products and favors customers want creating a personalized procedure for each customer.

OSI Food solutions has an experienced group of staff that is able to prepare a menu of items for breakfast, lunch, supper, food deliveries, snacking and cuisine menus that are included with delicacy of protein products and vegetarian options too.

The organization has a poultry facility that provides a range of items for hotel services like batter and bread chicken pieces and chicken meat balls. It is also able to give raw cuts via its department in US and China. Beef products are also produced in the company and they include raw, cooked, and formed items like burger, meat balls, meat loaf, and steak.